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Movie Review: High Crimes (2002)

A war crime happens in 1988. In 2000, Claire (Ashley Judd) and Tom (Jim Caviezel of ‘Person of Interest’) live in San Francisco. He wears Clark Kent glasses and she waves a pee covered ovulation stick around. Claire is a defence lawyer, her mooch sister (Amanda Peet) gets too much screen time and Tom is arrested with excessive force for that 1988 war crime.

He is to be tied before a military court. Claire is determined to defend him from the death penalty. Her useless sister wears a choker. Claire asks Grimes (Morgan Freeman) an ex-JAG lawyer to help her. Tom yells, the judge is nasty, various morons run around babbling about national security and Claire isn’t sure, then she is and then isn’t sure again about Tom’s innocence. There are cover-ups, people muttering down large mobile phones and a silly twist and a fight. This was glossy but dull.

Best Lines:
“I swear I never did this.”

“May I please see the charging document?”

“Do not look at me like that!”

“Any good?”
The best.”

“Wake up and smell the napalm.”

“They needed to go away.”
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