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Trailers, Quotes and a 2006 Tape Tale

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ trailer
This is getting over hyped.

Best Lines:
“Why do you want to save the galaxy?”
“Cos I’m one of the idiots who live in it!

‘Doctor Who’ trailer

Best Line:
“Life returns. Life prevails.”

‘Earth to Echo’ TV spot

‘Violet & Daisy’ trailer

‘The 100’ 1x03 promo
Evil mist!

Best Line:
“Weakness is death!”

‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ promo
James Franco stares.

Best Line:
“Some things aren’t meant to be changed.”

I won’t review ‘Dragon Princess’.

I will review ‘Broken Souls’, ‘The Haunted Book’, season 1 of ‘Reign’, ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ and season 4 of ‘Nikita’.

‘Blade: The Series’ Quote:
“Give it up Daywalker!”

‘Doctor Who’ Quote:
“The Great Cobalt Pyramid is built on the remains of which Old Earth Institute?”

‘Modern Family’ Quote:
“Turtles run faster!”

‘Glee’ Quote:
“This is a baby chicken’s house.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“You can be a victim later.”

“This is fictious.”

“I’m not like this dude.”

“That was very awful.”

“I have heard ridiculous vile language coming from the backyard.”

“You’re problem creators.”

“Just so you leave.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’. Freddie is accused of Fraser’s murder cos he is stupid. Sam hates John Paul who has a good cry. Sienna’s daughter Nico is a chav who can’t act. Patrick menaces Maxine and tells her he wishes she had miscarried. Trevor is a bit of rough. Sandy thinks Joe killed Fraser. Lindsey is pregnant again. Why is Sam back in uniform? Patrick seems ready to kick Maxine around the kitchen prompting her to leave his sick ass and run to a woman’s refuge.

Best Lines:
“That stupid mare falling over.”

“They operate a safe house.”

“Keep your trashy gob shut.”

Cleared out a tape from 2006. It began with the season 1 ‘Heroes’ ep ‘Collision’ in which Peter’s hair hangs in his face, Noah acts like a sex offender and everyone dismisses Isaac as a heroin addict. Yawn.

Then came a season 1 ’Torchwood’ ep ’Countrycide’ in which Gwen is charmed by Owen's rapist act as the gang encounter cannibals. Ianto shows off his terrible acting. Gwen screams. There is bad acting and initial interest soon subsides.

Best Lines:
“They’re all involved.”

“Only in the bloody countryside.”

Then came a ’Blade: The Series’ ep ’Hunters’ during which Krista takes a shower and craves blood. This gets Blade’s goat and he growls. Chase and Charlotte yap in monotones due to injured self-esteem. A vampire serial killer from the 15th century lurks. Marcus does smell the fart acting. Lauren Lee Smith has a tiny role. This was boring.

Then finally there was another ’Blade: The Series’ ep ’Monsters’. Marcus snuck a bomb onto Charlotte’s Lear jet in a sword hilt. Charlotte and her lumbering butler don’t die. Marcus is too busy planning his pureblood massacre to care. Blade and Agent Collins meet. I don’t care about the arcane mores of the 12 vampire Houses. Blade is invariably an ass. This show is expunged from my memory. Blade stomps around the woods in leather and sunglasses and uses the term “familiar” not thrall. Blade finds it permissible to be an ass and act unconstructively. Collins has a sad back-story and dies in foreseeable fashion. Charlotte and her lumbering butler massacre, chomp and turn people until Blade kills them. Is this supposed to be a wham ep? Well it was just boring even after Blade kills Collins. Yawn.

Best Lines:
“That’s a gun not a pillow.”

“How’s that possible?”
“Does it matter?”

“They’re people.”
“Not anymore.”
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