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Person of Interest 2x07 - 2x11 + The 100 (2014 - 2020) 1x02 Reviewed

Leon needs help again. A surgeon is blackmailed by an evil guy (Julian Sands of ‘Warlock’) to kill a man during surgery. Her wife is in peril to motivate her. Agent Snow resurfaces again. Fusco’s dumb. The evil guy gets away and this was not even provisionally interesting.

Best Lines:
“Whatever bodily harm you wanna inflict on this guy. I’m sure he earned it.”

“The silencer poking out of his crossword section was a pretty good giveaway.”

Til Death
Finch stares at Grace and flashbacks show Finch falling for Grace. Reese has to stop the co-CEOs of a publishing company from killing each other. The couple stop hating each other due to the duo playing marriage mediator. They overcome their simultaneous hitman hiring and vow to stay together. The husband is played by Mark Pellagrino of ‘Lost’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘The Tomorrow People’. Also Fusco has a date. This was an affront.

Best Lines:
“Teaches his followers to build car bombs in case of domestic insurgence.”

“Overindulged pseudo-intellectual.”

“I like the one we had three kitchens ago.”

A cab driver is in peril. The HR plotline drags on for no rational justification. Gangsters have psychotic meltdowns. A dude named Demon8 looms. The cab driver has screwed up self-loathing. This was the opposite of rich, deep and profound. This had no grit or intensity. There is a quest for a laptop. This was surprisingly bad and overacted.

Shadow Box
I’ve a bad impression of season 2 so far. Carter has a boyfriend. Donnelly thinks that Snow and the man in the suit are working for the Chinese and offers Carter a job in the FBI. A couple plan to take down an evil dude in a state of sustained hysteria. This was tepid and is down there with ‘Biker Grove’. Reese makes a big mistake and gets arrested.

Best Lines:
“So with HR degraded to the point of irrelevance. My team is shifting priorities back to the man in the suit.”

“What are they like?”
“Like you to be honest. Low key and vaguely menacing.”

Reese is in jail. Donnelly thinks he is Tommy Lee Jones in ‘The Fugitive’. Finch goes undercover as a maths teacher and it is revealed he was the very first hacker of the ARPANET. A snotty teenage boy annoys. The principle is awful. Maths matters. This could be an Edward James Olmos movie. A compression algorithm is created. There is an aggrieved drug dealer, a twist and another twist. This was good and Carter is given an order.

Best Lines:
“One of them is the most dangerous criminal I’ve ever pursued.”

“Picking a fight with a drug dealer?”

“Gang fights, drug searches and pregnancies.”

“Or I’ll come and find you.”

“They got to it!”

Earth Skills
It is 2232. A deformed skull hints at what humans became on the radiation soaked Earth. Jasper’s not dead. The Ark staff can’t figure out the teenagers are removing their wristbands so Kane plans a culling. The ‘100’ riot and plan knife fights. The assassin archaist Bellamy is pejorative and annoying. Octavia screams and sluts around. Finn is a coward, Clarke annoys and the Bligh like Bellamy plans to damage her. An annoying Ark zero G mechanic Raven yaps and is reckless. The chancellor makes a speech. Clarke’s mother Abby plans to escape to the Earth to stop Kane culling over 300 people. One of the ‘100’ is Raven’s brother. The Ark’s C02 scrubbers are failing. There was no likeability in this episode at all, they’re all bounders. Survival isn’t who you are; it’s who you become my ass.

Best Lines:
“Who are they?”
“What are they?”

“There are people here. Survivors.”

“The grounders should worry about us!”

“Hope isn’t enough.”

“An Exodus Ship was launched.”

“Why would they build a Drop Ship in the first place?”

“When the last man from the ground died on the Ark, he wasn’t the last grounder.”

“They must have found this thing when they salvaged Mir III in 2102. You want me to get a 130 year old escape pod ready to stand up the inferno of re-entry in 9 days?”
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