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The Honourable Woman 1x02 + Crisis 1x12 + Person Of Interest 2x03 - 2x06 Reviewed

The Unfaithful Husband
MI6 planted a bodyguard on the dead behind the eyes Nessa and she shagged and dismissed him. There is non-linear storytelling. The overly complicated kidnap plot is investigated. Sir Hugh Hayden-Hoyle and his throaty voice has no jejune. Who is the woman who hangs around with Nessa’s family and who is the father of her kidnapped son? Is she the nanny? A distant relative? Nessa’s sister in law annoys.

Eight years ago, Nessa and the mysterious woman were abducted in Gaza. Events are misinterpreted. Various advisors to various people mumble respectively. Either the communications industry is really competitive or something else, something deeper is going on. Nessa is tinged with sadness. There is lots of staring and while you can’t immerse yourself in this I am getting intrigued. There is a lying woman who is secretly an FBI agent. A lurker lurks in a lift. A Black Cab driver isn’t what he seems. There are wheels within wheels. Nessa’s brother shags someone who is not his wife. This is okay and what is Nessa’s secret?

Best Lines:
“A team that leaves no trace. At all.”

“It’s all vanity.”

“Just because you think you’ve got the protection of the playground bully, doesn’t mean that people won’t be waiting for you on your way home.”

“A fence is only a fence until it turns into a spike.”

“Take my child out of this room now!”

“You think everyone is like you?”

“Who’s them?”
“That’s what I’m waiting for her to tell us.”

“Your operation is off-book and now your cover has been blown, they’re going to cut the trail.”

“I don’t have to tell you what that’s for do I? There’re here to clean up, you.”

“No Max, I don’t think we’ll be doing that.”

“If I don’t know where not to look, how can I tell other people not to look there?”

This Wasn’t Supposed To Happen
The hostage takers finally recall Hurst’s abducted daughter. The mansion is set on fire, the hostages find it expedient to sit on their asses and Gibson’s plan is amended by his contentious mercenaries. Finley tries to verify Gibson’s story. Ostensibly Gibson’s gambit to fake being an innocent seems to be working. Finley talks to himself. People type at each other. Jonas wanders off. The kids are finally rescued. Suzy is stupid. Amber is damaged or something. The law enforcement mole escapes. Gibson isn’t under arrest. Mrs Gibson shows up. Beth Ann is missing. Days suddenly pass between scenes. The dude from ‘Hunter’ is framed as being the mastermind of the kidnapping.

The law enforcement mole is Alicia Dutton a State Trooper. Why she got in with Gibson is never really explained except for the reveal of a secret relationship. Gibson lies and stoops to new lows. Mrs Gibson still hasn’t acquired a brain. There is bad green screen. Meg sneers at Gibson as he confers with her. Suzy finally talks to her child and it does not go well. What is the new plan? Where is Jonas? Why does Beth Ann have no agency? The First Son continues to be moronic. Gibson looks constipated. People die and Suzy and Finley are gun happy. This was crap; this is not how life works.

Best Lines:
“I’m not playing this game Mr Gibson, I don’t believe you.”

“We’re three minutes from the burn.”

“Go start the fire in the east wing.”

“How’s jail?”
“I’m getting by.”
“Getting by. But never getting out.”

“Nice of her to let you back in the house.”

“No more mansions, no more downed drones.”

“To who?”
“To the people that shot me.”

“Names get you dead.”

“Screw it.”

So the machine is an AI but nobody cares. Reese is a bodyguard to Sofia, a snotty diplomat’s daughter. Sofia dances to Sia. Reese does his menacing stroll. Agent Snow resurfaces and he’s in trouble Finch has PTSD. Sofia is mixed up with drugs and gang bangers. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“It’s sleeping here now.”

“Having seen the kitchen, I’d advise you to stay away from the shrimp puffs.”

“Give us the money or go out the window.”

Old Celtic Irish gangsters do stuff. Reese looms. A mob enforcer and a widow are in peril. Carter annoys. Finch visits Elias the rubbish gangster in jail. This ep forfeited my interest and was laughable.

Best Line:
“Mr Tall, Dark and Fearsome.”

Bury The Lede
A reporter, Maxine, is the POI of the week. She is looking into HR. The FBI doesn’t know who the head of HR is. Finch sets Maxine and Reese up on a date. Someone dies. There is a massive screw up. Zoe and her newly blonde hair lurks. Reese must keep his cover. There is a hostage situation. Fusco can’t be trusted. The HR boss is revealed to the viewers and it is the person no-one suspected. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Remember when you led that meth-lab raid and accidentally busted into the wrong house?”

“We’re fugitives getting information from a secret government machine John. The last thing we need is publicity. You must protect Miss Angelis, but you have to do it without giving her any more proof that the man in the suit exists.”

“When I do it in the park, people look at me funny.”

The High Road
Flashbacks to 2004 show adulterous Nathan (Brett Cullen) calling Finch an introvert and the machine setting the emotionally annoyed Finch and Grace (Carrie Preston) up on a meet cute. Meanwhile the polemical Reese and Zoe (Paige Turco of ‘The 100’) pretend to be a couple as they look into a hardware store owner and his wife (Alicia Witt of ‘Urban Legend’) in the burbs. Some old buddies of the hardware store owner have shown up and they’re brutal and lack morals. This was not assiduously boring but was not that interesting either.
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