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Movie Review: Deadline (2009)

Whatever happened to Thora Birch? This and ‘The Hole’ are the last films I saw her in. Alice (Brittany Murphy) a struggling writer is recovering from a breakdown brought on by her crazy husband Ben. She retreats to a remote house to write to the worry of her BFF Becky. The fragile Alice wanders around the huge house, dreams, worries about Ben finding her and never seems to do any writing. In the attic she finds stuff belonging to previous occupants of the house. She plays tapes that David (Marc Blucas) made of his new wife Lucy (Thora Birch). David alleged stuff, complied tapes and things got tumultuous between them. David’s creeping frustration caused the relationship to deteriorate into an endless cycle of jealousy and recriminations. This is an uncanny parallel of what happened with Alice and her husband. Alice’s obsession causes her to crack up. Do the strange events have something to do with ghosts or something else? There is a twist and an eerie ending. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Something bad happened here.”

“You’ve been in this house all along.”

“I don’t feel safe here.”

“He’ll try and find me. He always does.”
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