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Book Review: Only Ever You

Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill
This is an excellent bleak look at an ugly contemptible future. 16 year old chronically insecure and unlikebale freida and isabel have been best friends during their time at the School where they have been bred and trained to please the men of their Zone as either companions or concubines. In this damaged desolate future only genetically modified women exist and they have only one purpose: pleasing men.

They have no rights; they are illiterate, are beauty obsessed and encouraged to have eating disorders. Their ‘School’ teaches them nothing except not to cry, to accept violence, to pole dance and to frantically tear each other down in the contest to be chosen as a companion instead of a concubine. If they become companions they must bear sons and then they will be killed at the age of 40 for being too old and if they become concubines they will be violated for men’s pleasure for the rest of their lives.

There is no solidarity among the aggregation of girls and no hope, frieda fights for a future but she doesn’t have one and it seems this version of humanity doesn’t have one either. This is a gripping, dark tale of a too-plausible repugnant future.

Best Lines:
“You must always be willing.”

“It’s not like we can say no.”

“We must be inspected for flaws before purchase.”

“Do you swear to devote your lives to the physical gratification of the good men of the Euro-Zone?”
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