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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1’ teaser
Peeta, District 13 and “The Mockingjay lives.” Good!

‘Gone Girl’ trailer
I love the book. Amy Dunne is missing and her jerkass husband Nick is the prime suspect. This looks good.

Best Lines:
“Did you kill your wife Nick?”

“I will practice believing my husband loves me. But I could be wrong.”

“I am frightened of my own husband.”

“How was your marriage Nick?”

‘Bloody New Year’ (1987) trailer
This horror shows morons landing on an island where weird stuff goes on. An angry banister! Screaming! Dramatic door opening! Killer fishing net! Angry cutlery! Looks interesting.

Best Lines:
“It started as a day out.”

“Locked in time forever!”

‘Extant’ first look
Astronaut Molly Woods (Halle Berry) went on a 13 month solo mission. She did not return alone. She’s pregnant. Her scientist husband (Goran Visnjic) has built them a creepy robot son. Men in black lurk. This looks weird but interesting.

Best Lines:
“Are you sure there was no-one else?”

“You don’t believe her?”

“Be careful. Don’t trust them.”

“Safe from what?”

“We were hoping for contact. If they’re here we’re way out of our depth.”

‘Hannibal’ 2x10 promo
This trailer is better than the episode.

‘Utopia’ series 2 promo

‘The 100’ 1x02 promo

Best Line:
“There are people here.”

I will review ‘High Crimes’.

I am reading ‘Arbella: England’s Lost Queen’.

I will not review ‘The Walking Dead’ 4x06 ‘Live Bait’.

‘Arbella’ Quotes
“She refused to leave her bed, and the King’s men had to carry her into the street, mattress and all.”

“A most foul stinking sink.”

“When I see her enraged against any person whatever, I wish myself in Calcutta.”

“If you were in the habit of seeing such things in your head as I do in mine, you would not persuade me to go there.”

“I will pull down my breeches and they shall also see my arse.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I don’t pawn everything.”

“I want to shoot his ass.”

“Peeing in bottles that are leaking through the roof.”

“He got his ass crucified.”

‘Criminal Minds’ Quotes:
“I am not sick.”
“I think you are.


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