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‘Doctor Who’ promo
A dark Doctor is promised, the BBC always puts an adjective in front of his name and never a good one.

I was going to read the comics ’The Blood Queen’ and ’Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult’. But my store apparently choose not to stock them.

I’d like to see Martin Freeman as Richard III.

Milk Chocolate with Sicilian Sea Salt = yum.

I am reading ‘Only Ever Yours’.

WTF is ‘CSI: Cyber'?

‘Animal Rescue’ Quote:
“Like hell!”

The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“It’s medicine doctors give moms in order to keep babies up in heaven.”

“I smell fear.”

“Help me Jesus!”

“Put your money on the guy with the gun!”

“You fat ass!”

“The Diversity Kittens!”

“Do not give him any more love!”

“Snow, God’s cotton candy!”

‘Only Ever Yours’ Quotes:
“Personality does NOT matter. All that matters is being pretty.”

“She knows we are not allowed to cry.”

“As a reward for her good behaviour, her husband has been offered a free ‘companion vaginal re-design’.”

“Fat girls must be made obsolete.”

“He could hit me any day he wanted.”

“We were in 4th year, learning to change nappies on our training dolls in Little Mama classes.”

“The very men for whom you were created.”

“They got rid of anything we would not need, like animals, and organized religion.”

“Who would want you until you could be of some use?”

“I’d let him beat me any day.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She wouldn’t leave me alone, so I felt I had to strangle her.”

“Talking down, disrespecting me.”

“You punched your son.”

“Yes but, yes.”

“Are you contributing to their misery?”

“The flaws in your logic.”

“So you wanted somebody to respect you, so you thought you would act disrespectfully?”

“Ridiculous melodrama.”

“Are you a good steward of their personal truth?”

“Anybody who would hook their star to our wagon right now, is a loser!”

“Who the hell is she rejecting?”

“Is she married?”

“Can this family be fixed? It depends on how you define fixed.”
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