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The Green Hornet #13 Reviewed

The final issue in the current storyline. Axford is on the Green Hornet task force. A new psycho pops up and is dealt with. The Green Hornet is described as inhuman scum and presumed dead. But someone close to Britt Reid has come up with a cunning plan. There is a Frank Scanlan mention and a unexpected twist. Britt and Kato resume their crime fighting careers. This was good, bleak and with the promise of more to come.

Best Lines:
“Anybody can wear a mask, Mike.”

“He means the whore-houses.”

“We always end up working for psychos.”

“Stop laughing.”

“You don’t have a right to be done, rich boy. You can’t quit because the consequences are too much for you -- because the consequences of everything the Hornet has done never go away.”

“Own what you’ve done.”

“If you quit now, what was it all for?”

“Let’s roll Kato.”
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