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Book Review: Eat My Heart Out

Eat My Heart Out by Zoe Pilger
Ann-Marie is a heartbroken, skint, ironically detached, unloved moron without a whiff of intelligence. Instead she is all ridicule, decadence and contrived hipster opportunism with a disproportionate view of herself as she staggers around London. She meets opinionated author Stephanie Haight who sees a chance to do a cathartic experiment to ‘save’ Ann-Marie. Inbetween being ‘saved’ Ann-Marie sets out to find love with determinism but no taste. This is a hilarious, good satire of a hedonistic narcissist.

Best Lines:
“What’s interesting about self-regarding hipsters with nothing to say?”

“Don’t look at me when I’m talking to you,”

“I didn’t really study anything because I was always drunk or high.”

“I saw that she was in fact dressed as a flamingo, albeit a highly pornographic one.”

“The chanting assumed the intensity of a fascist rally.”

“I want a lot of ice in the glass and I want the glass to be very big.”

“I accidentally gave myself a hysterectomy.”

“It’s like absence as presence.”

“I had received numerous notifications that I was late, behind, wrong, bad, or just inadequate.”
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