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Crisis 1x11 Reviewed

Best Laid Plans
The First Lady whines. Finley enters the mansion. Needy Beth Ann whines like a faulty burglar alarm - remember when she had promise as a character? Suzy is a moron and a squawking idiot. She needs to drink battery acid. The kidnappers are boors, the FBI are useless and Gibson is obsequious and a professional house guest. Buddy finds his son, who is one of the super soldiers. Gibson activates said super solider. Neither have moral agency.

TPTB have trenchant opposition to logic and all promise has been squandered. Meg is scum as she acts as a mouthpiece for Gibson. The First Son is a prat. Suzy is an impediment. The thug kidnapper has a dispute with Finley. Gibson taunts. This was tawdry and ablated. The CIA director gives worthless assurances. Then he is placed under undue distress leading to reputational implications. Gibson is an unfettered ass, he orders his stupid notebooks destroyed and stages fake heroics to fool the world and Finley. Jonas asks questions, Amber is released and this was craptastic.

Best Lines:
“How you doing?”
“Better than you.”

“A neo-Nazi with a cooler full of blood and half a brick of C4.”

“There’s no going back.”

“Stop that ambulance!”

“Why are you afraid of me Sir?”

“I don’t feel anything about any of them.”

“No-one cares about you!”

“Why are you still here?”

“You shot him with a real bullet!”
“Why would I shoot him with a fake one?”
“Why would you shoot him at all?”
“He told me to.”
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