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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Mr Jones’ (2013) trailer
This trailer promises scares as a couple encounter an infamous totem artist in the woods. This looked freaky, this lies. All the best bits are in the trailer.

Best Lines:
“You need to stop.”

“Don’t look for him.”

‘Our Girl’ promo
So the BBC has made it into a series? Maybe.

Sky One was supposed to make two more ‘Discworld’ miniseries - where are they?

I didn’t get ‘Angel & Faith’ season 10 Issue 4 - it was all fights and Amy, groan.

I will review ‘Deadly Curiosities’, ‘Only Ever Yours’, ‘Impact’, ’The Conspiracy’, 'A Season in Carcosa' and ‘The Rose of Sebastopol‘.

No review of ‘Frozen Charlotte’ just yet.

I am reading ‘Eat My Heart Out’.

Barbecue Popchips = okay.

‘Emmerdale’ Quotes:
“What’s he doing in Hull?”
“I’m going to go with drinking and erm, fighting.”

“They always end up getting murdered.”

“Jet from ‘Gladiators’, she could chase me up that wall anytime.”

‘Fantastic Four’ Quotes:
“Dying, that’s bad right?”

“You guys look like an 80s rock band.”

‘Eat My Heart Out’ Quotes:
“Saw two white swans, their necks gracefully arched together, swimming in perfect symmetry. They looked utterly in love. When I got closer, I realised that they weren’t swans at all - just two white plastic bags, floating aimlessly across the freezing water.”

“Michel the sous-chef was simulating an ecstatic kind of anal sex with a skinned rabbit on the stainless steel cooker.”

“She reeked of a celebrity-endorsed perfume.”
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