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Book Reviews: If Looks Could Kill + Jailbird + The Changeling Plague

Who Killed Peggy Sue
#3 If Looks Could Kill created by Eileen Goudge
Lacey eats lobster salad for lunch as the inept investigation into April’s murder continues. The stupid Hope marshals her resources to uncover the truth. Vaughn has serious anger management issues which Lacey and Raven think is romantic. Lacey is a Madonna fan, T.J. The D.J shames Calvin Pinkerton and the Pinkerton clan hate each other. Spike is accused of killing April, Hope cries and April’s awful parents up their awfulness. Lacey’s vile father Calvin gives her a black eye and she makes excuses for him. Willa Flicker has no ethics. Accusations are flung and bandied about. An arrest is made. This 1991 book is a melisma of crap as the obvious killer is overlooked.

Best Lines:
“You think that Vaughn’s-”
“A maniac killer,”

“What about the ozone layer and the animals?”

“She’s more popular dead than alive.”

“He’s got a seriously bad temper. He’s always beating people up when he’s ticked off at something.”

“Just because Raven’s not in school today doesn’t mean we have to put her in her grave and bury her already,”

“Everyone can’t be a psychopath.”

“Miserable life. A miserable life in a miserable place.”

“I’ll get you for this, Flicker.”

“I hate this whole damn town.”

Who Killed Peggy Sue
#4 Jailbird created by Eileen Gouge
I think different people wrote these books. Books 1&2 were good but Books 3&4 are terrible. In this final novel Lacey acts like a fool as Kiki is crowned the Peach Blossom Queen. Spike’s locked up and Kiki is suddenly in love with him. Raven takes a bribe from Calvin Pinkerton and Lacey plots against Kiki. Vaughn’s brother Lars shows up. Vaughn shames Raven. The killer is caught in stupid fashion, the Peach Blossom Festival is held and the ending is ridiculous. The scrublands are saved for a rare owl and it is mentioned in throwaway fashion that Hope wanted to create voice interactive software. This was stupid and had no emotional contagion. Books 1&2 were good, but the revelation and arrest of the killer is so silly, even for 1991.

Best Lines:
“They wouldn’t do something as tacky as murder.”

“You let Kiki De Santis beat you. Kiki De Santis!”

“Darla had practically passed out on the couch before nine o’clock. As usual, she was hopelessly drunk.”

The Changeling Plague by Syne Mitchell
This 2003 novel is a cyber punk mess about a hacker named Idaho who lives on the net, a company called Caduceus and a rich man named Geoffrey who buys a cure for his cystic fibrous and in doing so unleashes a plague. Idaho exploits the plague to create a transhuman future. This is a silly error strewn sci-fi tale about hackers who want to be furries or something. This view of the future contains such gems as: net runners, Boeing 847s, palmtops, latex skirts, wall screens, a hacker website called HackThePlanet, VR equipment, implanted microchips, space stations, everyone is DNA finger printed at birth and some websites actually contain three dimensional animations!!!

Best Lines:
“Geoffrey Allen, the infamous ‘patient zero’?”

“We must stop this virus. Or it will stop us.”

“Hospitals are just holding sites for the dying.”
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