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In The Flesh 1x03 + 2x01 + 2x02 + 2x03 Reviewed

The final ep of season 1. HVF leader Bill has cracked, Philip has shagged Amy and Rick can’t comply with Bill anymore. Dean the HVF guy who was bitten in 1x02 is locked in a cage. Kieren learns why Jem is so hostile to him and then he and Jem go to talk to the parents of the girl he ate. No-one will help Dean. People keep using the phrase Undead - that is for vampires. Amy is menaced. Bill does something, people die, things are finally said and Mr Burton (Ricky Tomlinson) wanders off. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“It’ll spread, like piss downhill.”

“You like pork don’t you love?”

“All houses with PDS sufferers living inside must be identified.”

“I leave the patio door open all the time. Just in case.”

“There will be a second Rising.”

“You horny corpse.”

18 months have passed since series 1 and all the show’s promise, atmosphere and quality have been pissed away. The Undead Liberation Army stages an attack on a tram where they take Blue Oblivion to go rabid and kill people. Mr Burton is one of the dead. There are new and naff opening credits. Amy is in a ULA commune and ranting about how she is one of the Redeemed. The vicar rabble rouses. MP Maxine Martin shows up. Kieren works in a pub and is scowled at by Gaz the ex-HVF solider. Jem is back in school as the HVF has been disbanded.

Why are so many PDS young and not old? The Victus political party plans to do something about the PDS. There is condescension and ulterior motives and the retool has left this show with no credibility and the alterations are annoying. Amy returns to annoy. The secrets of the Rising are supposed to come out but don’t except for the suggestion that the Rising began in Roarton. A PDS mother in law from hell annoys. A rabid rotter attacks and is killed by Maxine Martin. People have good reason to actively want the PDS dead. Amy’s ’friend’ Simon (Emmett J Scanlan aka Brendan Brady from ’Hollyoaks’) shows up to annoy and look ridiculous in his OTT zombie make up.

Simon is one of the 12 Disciples of the Undead Prophet and he goes on and on about the Redeemed and how the ULA have a right to take drugs that make them go rabid and eat people. The ex-HVF are full of sheer hate. Jem suddenly has PTSD. Simon and Amy cause trouble which they justify. This was crap and Scanlan is a terrible actor.

Best Lines:
“That mask of make up and medication.”

“Dead ’uns are chewin’ on me granny’s head!”

Jem’s sudden PTSD gets worse. The vicar is buried after he died in 2x01. Parish councils run the country post Rising. The treatment of HVF veterans causes issues. Amy shouts all her lines. Kieren’s move to Paris is thwarted as the PDF are required to join the Give Back volunteer scheme. Jem’s classmates are awful. Philip and his mother have issues. Simon is seeking the First Risen. Kieren and Simon have to help build a perimeter fence in case of a rabid attack. Simon makes silly propositions and gets way to much screen time as he causes trouble. A PDS schoolboy takes Blue Oblivion in school and goes rabid. Jem pees herself and is mocked by a classmate. The PDS get high on sheep’s brains. This was crap.

Best Lines:
“She believes there’s vampires and werewolves roaming about Wales.”

“I demand you like him!”

“Boo! Hiss!”

“So that’s why no-one lives up at Lambert farm any more?”

Jem has shot a PDS schoolmate dead. Maxine Martin is up to something. PDS Freddie wants his wife Haley back but since he died in a joyriding accident, she took up with Amir. Amy gets more and more annoying. All the goodness of season 1 has been pissed away. Kieren stops feeling guilty about what he did as a rabid and becomes annoying and boring. Simon bores. Freddie wants to be Haley’s preferred man and she is tempted by the idiot’s immiseration. Maxine Martin points out all the crap the PDS pulled and how they have no remorse or shame and asks why the HVF get crap. TPTB have compromised and curtailed interest in this show. Amy is sonorous. Simon will not stop talking crap. Philip doesn’t do anything. The Freddie/Haley/Amir triangle is resolved after the moron skips his drugs and tries to eat her after going rabid. Kieren makes out with Simon out of the blue. This was crap.

Best Lines:
“Give Back scheme’s not going to subjugate us on its own, you know.”

“Village of the Damned, how may I help you?”
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