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Crisis 1x10 + The Walking Dead 4x04&4x05 Reviewed

We are told there is an intensification of events now Gibson has shot a student in the head. The discovery of the house stops being pending and finally happens. Amber’s bio-daddy is AWOL as is Amber. The stalemate drags on due to endemic idiocy. Despite Gibson having been seen shooting a teenager in the head, the moron hostages think he is a good guy being ‘forced’ to do stuff. The hostages’ stupidity is a persistent issue. Why do they still trust Gibson and why can none of them act?

Suzy over enunciates as she and Finley act like fascists. Gibson and his cunning plan is reminiscent of ‘Prison Break’ as he gets a member of an anti-government hate group (Wade Williams of ‘Prison Break’) to do stuff. Meg is to be questioned. Gibson still influences events and smuggles out the newly made super solider serum. The voice changer is stupid, Gibson subvents and subverts more stuff, silly CGI helicopters fly around the mansion as Gibson and his face like a U-Bend makes demands to the FBI. In a not so cunning reveal one of Gibson’s lackeys turned out to be an FBI agent. Nobody has any idea of Gibson’s involvement and act completely clueless as ‘stirring’ music plays. TPTB have no concept of talent and this was ridiculous playing out like the writers banged this stuff out in-between doing THC, cocaine and meth.

Best Lines:
“Why are we sill here?”

“Lots of blood put you here.”

“I’ll find you and gut you.”

“Invoke the Fifth.”

Carol is indifferent and wearisome in her self-justification. Lizzie is obviously disturbed. Rick pulls face as he encounters two dumb survivors. Rick asks them his stupid questions. Rick doesn’t think other people are relevant as he gets them killed. People yap endlessly. Rick finds it incumbent to exile Carol. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“We haven’t been waiting for places to go bad.”

“Anger makes you stupid.”

“Everybody makes it. Til they don’t.”

“How many?”
“Can’t count.”

There is lots of staring. Things at the prison get worse as things are overstretched and unsettled. The walker numbers grow. Maggie is ever useless, Carl is boring and Rick is no exalted leader. Caleb shows signs of intelligence, naturally he dies. The sick are in barred in boxes. There is more yapping as characters sloganise at each other. You can see plane contrails in the sky. Glenn coughs a lot. Events escalate and the prison is strewn with bodies and walkers. The fence gives way; Rick really has misplaced faith in the prison as a place to keep them safe. People lumber around in the dark and in the bright sunshine of the following day the morons fail to see the Governor (David Morrissey) lurking in the bushes. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“We need to do something.”
“We will.”

“From what always happens.”
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