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Book Review: One Constant Star

Star Trek The Lost Era: One Constant Star by David R. George III
The author of the previous excellent 2003 ‘Lost Era’ novel ‘Serpents Among The Ruins’ once again revisits Demora Sulu and John Hariman, this time in 2319. Sadly this novel is deplorable, draconian and boring. Demora Sulu goes to a deserted planet and the crux of the novel is the weird stuff that goes on there. Did George III write this novel voluntarily? If not, is this gloop a protest against the Trek PTB? This book was extraordinarily ill-advised and lacks structure, character and the Aristotelian unites. I hope the upcoming ‘The Light Fantastic’, ‘Second Nature’, ‘Point of Divergence’ and ‘Acts of Contrition’ are better.

Best Lines:
“I’d be fascinated to see what a Tholian movie even looks like.”

“Demora and two of her crew were unintentionally thrown onto an unpopulated, undeveloped planet in another universe.”

“Where are we?”
“Not where we were,”
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