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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Jug Face: The Pit’ trailer
Rednecks engage in human sacrifice. Looks interesting.

Best Lines:
“The pit has spoken.”

“Before you shame all of us.”

“What did you do?”

“Whose blood is that?”

“The pit wants what it wants.”

‘Muir House’ trailer
An Australian haunted house is investigated by an Australian type who hears bangs and whimpers at flocked wallpaper and ugly net curtains. Why do ghosts like to rearrange furniture? What is with all the yelling?

‘In The Flesh’ 1x03 promo

Spanish hazelnut choc = yum!

I am reading ‘Graduation Day’.

‘The King’s Speech’ Quotes:
“When I’m dead that boy will ruin himself, this family and this nation within 12 months”

“I’ve been terribly busy.”
“Doing what?”

“You put that woman in our mother’s suite!”

‘The New Statesman’ Quotes:
“The pathetic little urban yob you really are.”

“You can’t marry that.”

“Get out of the way you bloody yokels!”

“Nasty little spiv.”

“Rich beyond the dreams of Joan Collin.”

“Get off!”

“Let’s do it on the table.”

“I’ve been more turned on leaning against the tumble dryer.”

“You smug bitch.”

“Where do you pick up these loutish expressions?”

“Big, strong, sweaty, tattooed farm labourers who can do it for hours on end.”

“That’s a very vulgar watch.”

“Two dozen portions of poached semolina and the five gallons of botulism sorbet which seems to have gone down so well and now seems to be coming up with similar ease.”

“Those of you who manage to recover will remember this.”
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