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In The Flesh (2013 - 2014) 1x01 Reviewed

This BBC3 drama is set an undetermined number of years after a zombie Rising and things are getting back to normal. Pasty Kieren is a cured zombie on medication which allows him to function ‘normally’ and with his flesh-tone mousse and contact lenses, he can pass for human. To a degree. He is leaving the hospital to go live with his family. His vile teenage sister Jem is a loyal member of the HVF (Human Volunteer Force) which was formed during the darkest days of the Rising to protect the remote town of Roarton. The HVF are violently opposed to the Government’s plan to reassimilate rotters back into society.

Kieren looks up the website of the Undead Liberation Army and learns of the Undead Prophet and a drug called Blue Oblivion. He has to take daily medication and there is a Domiciled Care Initiative and the reconfiguration of society is still under way and things are in flux. A Tony Blair like politician is useless in these unstable paranoid times. A Community Care officer gives Kieren’s mother a taser just in case. There is secrecy, shame, a chainsaw and twists. This was good and I would like to see more.

Best Lines:
“I am a Partially Deceased Syndrome Sufferer.”

“She doesn’t come included.”

“They must have one too.”

“To the Fallen.”

“Can’t kill himself twice.”

“One of them’s amongst us.”

“Lying bastard Government said there’s no more rabid rotters in the woods, but we know better.”

“Long time no see.”

“Last time I saw your wife, she were in a casket.”
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