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Star Crossed 1x12 Reviewed

This Trick May Chance To Scathe You
It is Mardi Gras, groan. Roman is an ingrained jerk. Emery annoys. Grayson is collaborative as Roman needs help. Emery still wants a relationship with Roman. Castor plots. The students build a float. The Trags continue their adoration of evil. Roman attacks Grayson, a pre-eminent abstention from sense. Drake’s mother attacks him. Terri is a twit, Roman can’t emote and this show is not reminiscent of ‘Alien Nation’ or even ‘Roswell’. Roman is a liability and nobody has any strategic thinking. Roman gets stabbed by Castor and then Castor gets stabbed by Terri. Sadly Roman lives, damn his resilience! There is nothing to appreciate in this stupid show at all.

Best Lines:
“You always expect the worse from me.”

“If you do this, you will start a war.”

“Shouldn’t have picked a fight they can’t win.”

“There all better.”
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