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Movie Review: Oculus

Oculus (2013)
This is a nasty horror tale about an evil mirror. It is not as good as ’Mirror Mirror’ but is not as bad as ’Mirror Mirror 2: Raven Dance’. Tim, a perma tanned 21 year old, gets out of the nut house and his insouciant sister Kaylie (Karen Gillan - ’Doctor Who’) drags him off to investigate the mysterious antique mirror that she believes is demonic and responsible for their parents violent deaths.

In 2002 their parents: Alan (Rory Cochrane of ’CSI: Miami’ and ’Right At Your Door’ who looks exactly like Danny Dyer) and Marie (Katee Sackhoff of ’Battlestar Galactica’) were driven into sordid, stupid sleazy madness, unironic badinage and grotty domestic violence murderousness. Kaylie blames the mirror but Tim points out all the mundane explanations. Kaylie presses on yelling about the elaborate trap she has constructed for the mirror involving cameras, lights, plants, a doomed dog and her not so clever kill switch. She vows she will expose the hated mirror and clear her family name. Failure is the only option as she has severely underestimated her foe.

This was creepy, but all dialogue is either whispered or screamed. The stultifying abrasive flashbacks verge on ridiculous like their mad dad wielding power tools and yelling at his terrified kids to stay in their room. The ending is barmier as the poorly understood threat defends itself. This was good moments like Kaylie chewing on a light bulb and bad moments like anything involving Kaylie’s bland meaningless fiancée Michael (James Lafferty from ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘Crisis’). This was an okay but not memorable account of the undiscussable.

Best Line:
Hello again. You must be hungry.”
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