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Crisis 1x08 + Star-Crossed 1x11 Reviewed

How Far Would You Go
Meg is in peril, oh boo you whore. Finley and Suzy are told point blank that Gibson is the kidnapper. They stare in slack jawed fashion. Gibson tells a military contractor father (Arnold Vosloo) to kill Finley. Gibson is indistinguishable from the man he’s trying to destroy. Suzy can’t act, the hostage taker’s tyrannical control is broken, Mr Nash and Amber try to run and the FBI boss has a keen-on for shouting. Jonas makes an offer.

There is widespread stupidity, bad green screen, the script lacks clarity and the characters are sullen. Meg the hag blubbers about stealing Amber from Suzy, Jonas has uncertainty, Suzy is asset and talent light and no one seems to notice military contractor daddy and his mercenary army shooting the place up. The ‘Hunter’ actor is supine. This was crap. Mr Nash does something stupid and dies. Boo-hoo.

Best Lines:
“This plan was constructed to withstand catastrophic setbacks.”

“Rich but dead.”

“We have a possible parent mission in play.”

“I’m not coming back from this.”

“I will kill you with my hands.”
“Anger is good.”

“This is where the killing starts.”

“Kill everyone.”

Give Me A Torch
The Winter Blast dance is held. Roman is an incredibly stupid default ass. Emery, Julia and Luke are the most annoying of the lot. The half witted joke of a threat Castor crashed the ship, Terri utters yellow pack dialogue and Taylor has a pregnancy plot tacked on. The Trags act like a gang of crack dealers. The Atrians plots are barely intelligible. Grayson is dull, pious and sermonising. Sophia worries and someone tries to kill Roman.

Lucas pops up to ask Emery out in unsalient fashion. Eric informs on Grayson. Emery is a snot to Grayson. Grayson’s mad ranting Red Hawk uncle is right. Atrian homes have naff interiors and Drake’s mother is played by Louise Lombard of ‘CSI’. How sad. Castor is reactionary and yells recriminations. Emery pillories Grayson and then sees that slighting him is a bad idea so joins the new Red Hawks. There is a musical number, Drake learns about Taylor’s unborn child and Roman’s latest ‘brilliant cunning plan’ fails. This was simplistic half assed crap.

Best Line:
“Castor pays for what he has done! Tonight!”
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