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Ghost Issue #4 Reviewed

The gang look into Elise’s past and learn her idyllic childhood was ruined by a really unpleasant incident. In the present, Elise hunts people engaging in vile dishonest conduct. The interspersing of past and present is okay by the grinding whinge narration bores and Elise’s preternatural revenge for obvious injustices just seems like spiteful delight. I was unconvinced and TPTB are not evoking any mood whatsoever. TPTB have made the phantasmagorical Elise tiresome and infuriating. I would however be receptive to read more if TPTB sort themselves out and stop the corrosion.

Best Lines:
“Why are clowns so creepy?”
“Because you grew up in Chicago post-Gacy.”

“I never forgave myself for not running faster.”
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