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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Oculus’ TV spot
A mirror posses and kills. Yay!

‘Walking On Sunshine’ TV spot
Hell no!

‘Jersey Boys’ TV spot

‘Crisis’ 1x08 promo

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Were these boys thugs?”

“The prosecutor had it out for their sons.”

“Everyone is to blame.”

‘The Distance’ Quotes:
“Their masters turn over a stone and find something they don’t like.”

“He has the dark, depthless gaze of the psychologically damaged.”

“Occasionally they scream abuse at each other.”

“He doesn’t want to remember her at all.”

Had a gin, honey and lemon cocktail - nice.

Rewatched season 1 of ‘The Walking Dead’: They never explained how civilization was toppled so quickly. Andrea whined constantly. The scenes set in the ruins of Atlanta were good. At Shane’s camp, everyone sat on their asses and only Dale of all people kept lookout. Shane sought validation. If Shane and Rick were friends, then Rick was never a good person. Rick riding a bike and getting hit by a shovel was hilarious. Rick was a joyously thankless ass. There were some scary images. Merle Dixon was an efficaciously awful character in every way. But then all the characters were careless and dumb.

Also why haven’t they tried the smearing themselves in zombie guts trick since? The Rick/Lori/Shane drama with $500 dollar hairdos was undercut by Shane’s face-numbing-awkwardness and Lori being an intolerable frumpy whore. Daryl mocked Dale’s stupid hat. No-one ever wondered if the squirrels Daryl hunts are rabid. Andrea’s sister Amy was as stupid as her. Andrea never stopped talking or whining. The group of survivors encountered in 1x04 have never been seen or mentioned since. Shane’s camp was attacked because no-one was on look out.

The useless Carol took a pickaxe to her dead husband. Andrea drama queened over her zombie sister. The CDC scenes with Dr Jenner (Noah Emmerich of ‘The Americans’) were bizarre. The gang act like face pulling morons. Shane upped his dudebro creepiness even more. Andrea will not stop whining and yelling. I wish they’d all been taken out by the Thermobaric fuel air explosive. This season was insufficient and puzzlingly boring, no ember of hope that it will improve in season 4. They still haven’t explained the how and why of the outbreak. Is there no government structure at all?

Best Lines:
“I would not risk that.”

“The light switch, you see, goes both ways.”

“It weren’t no man.”

“The wrath of God.”
“There is that.”

Watched ‘Being Farrah: A Teen Mom Special’ and what a sly brat Farrah still is. It is imperative that liquid projectiles be thrown at her. Her poor parents and child.

Best Lines:
“She looks like evil.”

“I live without regret.”

On Hollyoaks’: Holly is billy no mates. Jason acts crazy, pops steroids and yells “I’ll have ya!” at a bouncer. Phoebe informs Darren that Nancy is sleeping with his half brother Robbie. Patrick gaslights Maxine and Patrick some more. No-one notices how Maxine went from a gobby chav to dressing and acting like she is in the WI. Grace manhandles Mercedes. Freddie has no remorse over anything, nor does Jason. Dodger hates on Dirk. Jason screams, cries and wants to be burly. Dirk hates on Holly and Cindy. Lindsey lies her way into getting back with Joe mainly because Freddie is diddling Mercedes. Dodger takes his shirt off. Nobody notices or cares about Jason’s precarious mental state.

Best Lines:
“Tell me how I can make it up to you and I will.”
“Start by leaving.”
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