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Quotes and a class reunion

Went to a class reunion. The music was way too loud. Everyone was shouting and waving iphones around. There was drink taken, tapas eaten, half the class didn’t show up, glasses were broken and my feet and ears were sore. There was also some unexpected news. I enjoyed it.

‘It Came From Outer Space’ trailer
This 1953 movie looks class, but isn’t.

Benedict Cumberbatch to play Doctor Strange?

Jeremy Renner will be back as William Brandt in ‘Mission Impossible 5’. Yay!

I am reading ‘The Distance’.

I will watch ‘Wentworth’ and ‘Mrs Ratcliffe’s Revolution’.

RIP Rik Mayall

‘Raffles’ Quote:
“I can’t be a criminal with a friend like you.”

‘French and Saunders’ Quote:
“We shared a love of guitar shaped things.”

‘Down Under’ Quotes:
“Well, we hope you’ll come again.”
“I would sooner have bowel surgery in the woods with a stick.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Don’t get fat.”

“The country club that closed down rather than let women in.”

“Screech or hoot.”

“Without Ripple I never would have had you. Ripple’s your real daddy!”

“You get undressed in front of everyone that’s staring at you!”

“My dad buys the underpants gorillas wear during monkey shows.”

“Lord of the fries.”

“So glad I was forced to come.”

“I didn’t mind that he got fat. I didn’t mind that he got fatter.”

“The greatest master of the fake injury soccer has ever known.”

“We’ve run out of sugar cane.”
“I carry my own.”

“Superman was never less fun.”

“Nazi harbourers!”

“At lest I’ll die the American way: in a foreign country wearing short pants.”

“Play dead till the clown comes in the cage then start biting.”

‘Fargo Quotes:
“I helped a fellow who got his privates stuck to a mailbox.”

“Fargo syndicate massacre.”

‘The Distance’ Quotes:
“A rat couldn’t get out.”
What about in?”
“No one wants to get in.”

“A notable London gangster was on his way to discuss the consequences.”

“Through his pricey aftershave I can smell his despair.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Then he’s the creepy guy living in his mother’s basement.”

“Who is the problem here?”

“Talk to us with respect.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it stabbed 16 times.”

“God was with you and the knife broke.”

“What am I apologising for?”

“What is it you want her to do that she’s not doing?”

“He plays video games all day and all night.”

“I have no idea why I lack motivation.”

“Why by the way are you in his house?”

“It’s going to take some actual work to fix them.”

Buzz Goodbody suicide note
“I am a tortoise without a shell.”

Saw an old ‘French and Saunders’ episode, it was crap.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Holly’s lies are exposed but Lindsey’s are not. I wish Will would come back and successfully murder Dodger.
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