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Angel & Faith season 10 Issue #3

Where The River Meets The Sea, part 3
The overused dynamic of Faith screwing up, being speechless with misery and getting hated on by piqued atonal haters is trotted out, yet again. Deepscan and Kennedy are a paean to nihilism. Nadira is dotty. Angel soul searches. There is no mention of Gigi. Inspector Brandt shows up. The Pixies, Pearl and the Glass Blower plot wearily. This was plasticity and misery personified. It is baffing how the new PTB have muted all the goodness of season 9 and replaced it with larkish froideur and gleeful casual violence. I’m irritated by how precariously bad this is.

Best Lines:
“She goes all La Femme Nikita!”

“There’s odd sounds and peculiar odors coming out of there at all hours, I can tell you.”

“Do you think you’re reassuring me? You’re not.”
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