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Crisis 1x07 + The Walking Dead 4x03 Reviewed

Widener and Station Orange are big deals to the combative hostage takers who are trying to brainwash the persistently stupid teens. Finely and Suzy are stupid and Suzy tries to do ‘conflicted‘ and ‘pressured‘. She cannot portray ‘emotionally distraught’ or any emotion on the spectrum. Her baby daddy shows up looking for money. TPTB have no methodology and the tone of the show is indeterminate. Why do Gibson’s constant intrusions into CIA databases attract no attention? Widener (Mark Valley) and his pal (Fred Dryer) do stuff and sneer. Gibson alienates his own people.

Finley likes to think he is a cowboy cop type. The fallible annoying Suzy really likes to think she is significant. Two hostages make out as a Lana Del Ray song plays. The unconscious supersoliders wake up due to the Advanced Protocol serum or something and attack. Jonas is rescued and reveals he makes the Advanced Protocol serum. The perv hostage taker menaces Amber and there is an unexpected reveal. The First Son gets a gun. Suzy and Finley make demands of their own. There is gunfire, deaths and another ironic twist. Dread is not oozed all over the screen. Some hostages run for it as they bug their eyes out. Despite TPTB’s best efforts this did not excel and is instructive on how not to make a TV show.

Best Lines:
“Go back out the door you came through.”

“I’ve got a dumpster all picked out for her when I’m through.”

“Savage people.”

“Our fall guy’s dead.”

“They can’t get in either!”

Two people in quarantine have been murdered. Cue yelling and a fist fight. This show is a misalignment of what was initially promised back in 1x01. The hobbit like earth child old coot mutters on intersectionality. 14 people have died. Rick has lacerations and an abstention from responsibility as the flu rampages. Daryl leads a group to raid a vet college. The perennially grumbling disgruntled Rick sits around doing slow blinks. People are miffed. This was a tedious and unceremonially soporific debacle. Glenn’s sick, Carl won’t stop talking, Carol tantrums, Maggie screams and the hobbit like earth child old coot adheres to his folksy ways. Rick recalls he is a cop. A walker swarm attacks Daryl’s group and the wilful murderer admits it.

Best Lines:
“When they’re in the ground.”

“There is no stopping it.”

“Sooner or later we run.”

“There’s not a lot of us left.”

“I’m not feeling the urgency.”
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