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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Mockingbird Lane’ opening theme
This failed ‘Munsters’ update showcases their wreck of a house, Herman isn’t a monster, Lily looks good and Eddie Izzard was Grandpa. Mmmm.

‘Oculus’ TV spot
Looks good!

California Tangy & Tasty Cheese Flavour popcorn = bland.
Chilli popcorn = ugh.

I will review ‘Graduation Day’, ‘Justice’, ‘The Distance’, ‘It Came From Outer Space’, ‘Pumpkinhead’ and the 2013 ‘Carrie’.

‘The Long Walk’ Quote:
“The soldiers did not seem exactly struck to the heart with fear at the thought.”

Raffles’ Quotes:
“Have I ever given you cause to doubt my word?”
“Yes, constantly.”

“Are you going to be useless all your life?”

“I said I don’t drink with swell mobsmen.”

‘Killadelphia’ Quotes:
“How come nobody saw anything?”
“They choose not to.”

‘90210’ Quote:
“No crazies need committing today?”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Your rules are stupid.”

“You beat down the door.”

“Hope you die in a car accident.”

“Loves playing the hopeless victim.”

“I don’t want to be her mom anymore.”

“You can’t lie about it.”

“You consequate them?"

“Court ordered to go to school.”

“I’m glad he’s afraid of me. He should be.”

“Why is she dressed like that?”

“Yes you can, you don’t want to.”

“What you’re doing is absolute negligence.”

“Buy a vowel.”

“This situation is not okay.”

On ’Hollyoaks’: Freddie gets an in with Grace. He is scum. An unsettled Ste sends the kids away. Darren comes home and Lindsey gets up on her high horse over her infidelity. Dodger has disowned Will. Git.
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