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A Tale of a Tape

Found a videotape, checked it out. It contained a 'Star Trek: Enterprise' episode, two 'Smallville' episodes and one 'Jake 2.0' episode.

The 'Star Trek: Enterprise' episode was 'Twilight' where a possible future is shown. In it the Human/Xindi war ended badly as Earth was cracked open like an egg and T'Pol spent 12 years looking after a brain damaged Archer. Only 6000 humans remain and they hide out on Ceti Alpha VI. For some reason the Enterprise is wasting time, effort and resources on Archer which fixes his brain and in a technobabble/reset button ending manages to undo the last 12 years. This was a goodish episode but why T'Pol puts up with the smug Archer is never explained. In retrospect the theme song is moving and the Xindi arc was a disastrous idea.

The first 'Smallville' episode was 'Shattered' an episode that changed everything. Lionel conspires to drive Lex insane so he'll be carted off to a padded cell and no-one will believe him about Lionel murdering his parents. Lex unravels in spectacular fashion and then in a moment of mammoth betrayal Clark abandons Lex to be hauled screaming off to the insane asylum. Jonathan and Martha despite Lex saving their farm, ignore Lex's obvious need for help. Clark moons over Lana as Lex is in a straitjacket in a padded cell. Big dumb alien.

The 'Jake 2.0' episode was 'Cater Waiter'. I loved this show and it was cancelled. In this okay episode Jake is mastering the nanites as he blows up a product placed X-Box and then gets sent on his first mission with Kyle. He goes undercover as a waiter a party at the Chinese embassy. Sarah is of course in attendance and prattles on about their college days of beer and Jake vomiting on the Lincoln memorial - what does Jake see in such a vapid idiot? Meanwhile Kyle reunites with an old flame but this ends up with him telling Jake to stab him in the throat. The ending of the episode as Kyle and Jake bond over failed romance was sweet, sadly the whole Kyle/Jake friendship was ditched toward the end of the show.

The second 'Smallville' episode was 'Asylum'. Lex is locked up in the nut house facing forced ECT to remove his memories of his father's crime. Clark won't get him out and Pete and Jonathan urge him to leave Lex to rot. Clark finally gets off his ass to help Lex but is way too late as Lex gets his brain stir fried and is acting all Stepford like at the end as he and Clark share a very sweet hug. Clark was the worst friend ever. This was traumatic. In season 8, Clark and everybody else rant about how Lex is evil and behind all bad things. Clark has never taken responsibility for these two eps which is why I now hate the show and don't watch it.
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