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Book Reviews: Masked, part 2 + Serpents In The Garden

Masked edited by Lou Anders, part 2

Head Cases
Co-written by Peter David. A group of ‘heroes’ and villains sit around navel gazing. This was distinctively boring.

Best Lines:
“He’s just a tough guy to resist.”
“Yeah, I noticed that when he was repeatedly shoving my head in a toilet.”

A reformed super-villain is asked to look into the murder of his superhero nemesis. His sombre look into the past uncovers secrets. This was good.

Best Line:
“The costumed narcissists and their hangers on.”

By My Works You Shall Know Me
A born gobby hero clarifies a few things. This could have been better instead it was disappointing.

Call Her Savage
In an alternate world, a warrior woman emerges to fight again. This didn’t keep my attentiveness.

Best Lines:
“We can fight.”
“You can live.”

“With my hands at your throat.”

Tonight We Fly
In Northern Ireland, an unfairly treated doddering old hero and his equally doddery nemesis meet up to do stuff in the park at night. Good.

Best Lines:
“Doreen still irons his underwear.”

“None of you ever said thanks, not one. Ever.”

“A voice booms from a rhododendron clump.”

A To Z In The Ultimate Big Company Superhero universe (Villains Too)
A collection of vignettes that chart the rise, coming together and greatest battle of the titular characters. This was precise with innumerable characters and I was immersed. Good.

Best Lines:
“Now rush to obey me. My wrath hasn’t dissipated over the years.”

“King Ogre went to the morgue. Liberty to the hospital.”

“Year after year the absurd Underman keeps failing to die.”

Star Trek The Original Series: Serpents In The Garden by Jeff Mariotte
This abysmally boring novel has an accordingly hideous cover. In a sequel to a ‘TOS’ ep, Kirk heads back to the planet Neural. It is just before the events of ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’, so McCoy and Spock aren’t around. Kirk wants to know if the Hill People resisted the Klingons and what he finds on Neural is a pre-warp culture contaminated by the Klingons and his own actions. Feeling invested, Kirk heads off to save the day and unite the disparate Neural people against the dratted Klingons. Naturally the implementation of this plan goes awry. This bored.
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