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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 1x22 + The Walking Dead 4x02 Reviewed

Beginning Of The End
Coulson is going nuts, Skye is a monster waiting to break out, Raina knows Skye’s daddy, Garrett is killed by Coulson, Fury lurks, Mike wanders off and everyone mocks Ward. Coulson is now Director of what is left of SHIELD and Fury calls him an Avenger. Oh hell no. A dead character turns out to have an identical twin and Fitz is not okay.

Skye is all snotty and treating it as a jape. I can’t wait until she goes bad in season 2. May batters Ward because she’s dominant and all. Nobody leads an intervention to save Ward; I hope that bites them on the ass in season 2. Coulson fires a big gun. Garrett blathers madly. This exemplifies all that is wrong with TV. Why is Skye complying with SHIELD now? Garrett is incompatible with sanity or is he? Garrett is ruined as a villain. Poor Ward is exhausted and mocked. Coulson is the deranged narcissist not Garrett. May and Coulson are smug and arrogant. Ward was never a HYDRA true believer. What does he want? Guess we’ll find out in season 2.

Raina has her own agenda. Character interactions consist of people talking endlessly at each other. Can season 2 regenerate this show? Quinn is responsive to SHIELD’s fall and he and Raina take off with stuff. Garrett rants about evolution and darkness before being killed. What is Skye? HYDRA is suddenly stupid, people overact and this was bad. I hate all these deluded, arrogant jerkasses who are the designated ‘heroes’.

Best Lines:
“I’ll be everywhere.”

“We don’t like these guys.”

“There is no way out.”

“I can see its soul.”

“The beginning of what John?”
“The end.”

“He’s psychotic.”

“Is that what Garrett made you to be?”
“I don’t know.”

“I still want this place to burn.”

“Get her.”
“Thank you.”

Someone feeds the walkers rats and the gang of fools don’t notice a walker eating people in the prison, Rick is nominally only interested in cucumbers, the walker rampage finally reaches noticeable levels when people have died. An aggressive flu strain has felled various people; Carol is not someone to be entrusted with the rearing of children. Survival is imperative so quarantine is set up. The gang of fools fail to do anything about the walkers pulling the fences down until it is almost too late. Judith gurgles. Two idiot kids annoy. Carol needs to shut up; her transitioning to a badass is the epitome of ass-pull plotting. Various characters sit on their asses as the walkers pull the fence down. Issues are manifested and Rick is a super sumptuous ass, again. Rick gets his shirt off and broods. Something bad happened in the quarantine area. This was okay.

Best Line:
How can somebody die in a day just from a cold?”
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