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Elementary 2x24 & Hannibal 2x04 Reviewed

The Grand Experiment
Holmes is shrill and belittles Mycroft as he stomps around in absurdly tight jeans and congealed hair get. Mycroft and his floppy air is sad as Holmes' unreasonableness grows. This show promised so much before said promise vanished down the back of the sofa. Watson is as ever, stilted and wooden with cashmere hair. Mycroft’s handler is the ungallant baddie who rankles about class and is not nicely tweedy. Gregson and Bell bore and Holmes is accustomed to everyone doing what he wants.

Holmes is contemptuous and has consternation and Joan finally tells him of his misconceptions. The whey faced idiot keeps on misreading Mycroft and dishonouring him. Watson needs anti-shine gel. Holmes has no parity of esteem for Joan. Lucy Liu patently can’t act. Invariably stuff happens off screen. The big fat bozo handler dies. Mycroft is pragmatic and embroiled and has to disappear. Joan is alone and crying. Holmes has dim expectations and never apologises. So he pockets some heroin and heads off to work for MI6 guy (Jim Norton of ’Father Ted’). He really has no backbone.

Best Line:
“I remembered what Sherlock said and I remembered my father failing to disagree.”

Will thinks of Abigail. Why? She was an unabashed twit. Scary piano chords blare. Beverly has no comprehension and is practically salutary of Hannibal. People are turned into beehives by a nut (Amanda Plummer of ’Needful Things’). Chilton is unfeasibly stupid as he is all fippery and displeasure. Will recalls stuff about Gideon (Eddie Izzard). Bella (Gina Torres) visits Hannibal and his mannequin hair. Hannibal mumbles. This was contrived.

Will knows Hannibal gaslit him, but Chilton feels no obligation to help him. Chilton only cares about Hannibal’s psychic driving of Will. Jack and Bella do pot as Will recalls jarring stuff being done to him. Will has to extricate himself from the feverish mess he’s in as nobody else cares to. Hannibal practically flaunts what he is. Beverly is so unaware - it’s hilarious. Bella tries to kill herself and for his own reasons, Hannibal saves her to her disquisition. No-one notices how Hannibal is always conveniently around when bad things happen. Bella slaps Hannibal. Beverly goes on an exploration of Hannibal’s murder dungeon and he’s right behind her. You don’t care as it is annoying how selfish and selectively stupid the characters are.
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