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Crisis 1x06 +Arrow 2x23 +The Walking Dead 4x01 + Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 1x21 + Hannibal 2x03 Reviewed

Here He Comes
So ’Crisis’ went on hiatus and was reworked and reshot and then cancelled. Not exactly a resounding surprise. Gibson’s plan is all about exposing a super solider drug or something. Suzy is indecisive and totally unqualified to be an FBI agent. Gibson leaves his choices unexamined. This ep was not rousing, has no verve and it is astonishing how TPTB threw away any interest in this scenario. Kyle tries to implement an escape plan. There is a decoy mansion. Gibson is really pretentious. Jonas and Meg stand around. Jonas has indemnification and a wife he would have left for Meg. The CIA hauls Jonas off and tells Meg who the kidnapper is. Meg is unmeasured. Finley and a kidnapper fight incompetently. This show is at variance with sense and I am not compelled to watch more. Gibson is little Mr All About Me and is obviously unbalanced. The CIA has a hit squad or something. Suzy and Finley have complacency and even a guest turn from Fred Dryer of ‘Hunter’ was insufficient to make me care. Bye show.

Best Lines:
“I’m guessing none by natural causes.”

“He doesn’t seem capable.”

“I drop you down.”

“I got the death penalty coming, so aim higher!”

“What they will do.”

“Extreme measures were needed.”

Shut up with your bitch talk Felicity. If only TPTB had killed Laurel instead of Tommy. The clock tower is blown up. Layla shows up. Roy is cured. Oliver is an impeccable ass. Malcolm isn’t dead and disparages his dead son. Quentin gets internal injuries and may die. Nyssa and the League of Shadows show up. Oliver won’t shut up. Sara decides to run off with Nyssa. Abundant bad decisions are made all around. Roy puts on a silly red mask.

Why is Malcolm there for Thea but never was for Tommy? Nyssa kills Isabel. Everyone lies to Quentin. Laurel and her camel polo coat is in peril, again. Sin is nowhere to be found. The distressed Thea ditches Roy and their unhesitatingly boring relationship to run off with her bad mad dad. Felicity and Oliver plan civil co-existence. This ep was not valid and is a symbol of endemic stupidity. Deadshot shows up to help. It’s all been leading up to this. Layla’s pregnant. Waller pulls faces and Oliver has no regret for driving Slade mad. Sara passes on the canary mantel to Laurel. Piss off Sara. Quentin falls over. Oliver dumps Slade in a supermax prison on craphole island and plans to send other people there to join him. Fascist. Oliver concedes no remorse. Instead he plans to get back his company, despite being poor and needing a job. Oliver is still lying. Flashbacks show how Sara 'died again' and Oliver deciding to kill not cure Slade and ending up in Hong Kong with Amanda Waller and her hooker shoes.

Best Lines:
“Slade’s goons are here to kill us.”

“My psycho-villain dad.”

“Tick tick boom.”

“I pity them.”

“I keep my promises.”

“Either way I win.”

“I’m deciding my own fate.”

“Don’t try to find me, you won’t.”

30 Days Without An Accident
The gang live in the prison, zombies are at the fences and a pig is sick. Carol and the unwashed greasy looking Daryl have a thing. Rick is still too ranty. Glenn and Maggie bore. A horse, comics and petrol are in abundance. New characters wander around. Everyone facilities Rick’s latest tantrum. There is a council. Rick won’t use a gun. Rick runs into a dirty crazy woman in the woods. Rick is the moral arbiter. Annoying kids annoy. Daryl and co find an overrun army camp next to a supermarket. Shame they didn’t check the roof before going in. Reckless behaviour leads to walkers falling through the roof. An idiot gets chewed on and he is just left to die. Yes, the gang are still adamant jerks. The dirty woman is a nutter. My interest in this show has decreased even more. Rick just wanders off. Carol gives the kids knife lessons. The sick pig dies. Then a new character also gets sick and falls down dead leaving to the inevitable happening. Where is the water coming from? This was dull.

Best Lines:
“70 miles of walkers, you might run into a few unneighbourly types. Is it?”

“They eat people. They kill people.”
“People kill people.”

“We should probably go now.”

“Being afraid is what's kept us alive.”

Flashbacks show was Ward was in a juvenile secure unit for trying to kill his brother. Garrett rescued him and trained him by leaving him in the woods for five years. Ward’s family didn’t care. Garrett didn’t care either and got Ward to shoot his beloved dog. Garrett is a jerk. Ward will probably be redeemed in season 2.

Meanwhile the gang sit around in a motel whining. Quinn rises from the ashes. Coulson rants. Garrett eschews sanity. Skye, May, Coulson and Simmons have turned on Ward in a New York second only Fitz cares to redeem him. Coulson is an idiot. Trip breaks out his grandfather’s spy stuff. Coulson and May talk in silly voices and May does unnecessary back flips. This was padding with wooden acting and rapidly encroaching boredom.

Raina and Skye are connected. A file cabinet is hurled out a window. SHIELD have a commitment to being jerks. May is plotting vengeance. Garrett is dying. Skye’s parents are literal monsters. Any burgeoning interest in this show has been lost. Garrett is an unimaginable jerk. Fitz and Simmons are morons and everything they do is a bit of a disaster as they are blundering weirdoes. Due to Garrett ingraining loyalty into him, Ward ejects Fitz and Simmons off the plane. Garrett is rigidly crazy and this was dull and tasted of despair.

Best Lines:
“Don’t trust anybody, ever.”

“It makes me not like you.”

“Sleepy sleep gun.”

“How far back does this thing go?”

“Garrett was the first Deathlok.”

“Stop being weak.”


“I stuffed my intestines back inside, duct-taped myself shut.”

“You lose, we win.”
“You’re dead.”

“Better, stronger, faster.”

Nobody on this show talks like a normal person. As Will’s trial begins someone tries to get Will off the hook by murdering someone, it doesn’t work out. Will’s awful co-workers have no equanimity about deriding him. Freddie lies on the stand about Will and Will’s sassy lawyer dismantles her. Chilton also lies on the stand. The judge is an ass and gets killed too. Hannibal has his own plans for Will and Jack is a moron. Okay.

Best Lines:
“Now death has followed you home.”

“That man is a fiction.”

“You get all scary and non-blinky like that.”

“He ate a girl’s ear. It was in his stomach. God knows what else of her was in there.”
“We should have taken a stool sample.”
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