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Battlestar Galactica: Islanded in a Stream of Stars review

Roslin and Baltar continue their new age babble. Boomer hands Hera over for dissection. Tyrol isn't seen or mentioned. Galactica can't be fixed and the thankless government want to strip her for parts. Tigh pulls faces and rants. Kara the irritable shrew let them turn Sam into a hybrid and then tries to mercy kill him but too late. Sam is now a babbling hybrid. Helo blubbers. Adama decides to abandon ship. Lee hits on Kara despite her husband now being a hybrid while he has forgotten his dead wife who apparently existed only to feed him, do him and die.

Another bad episode. Questions remain: how did Lee get fat despite constant food shortages? How did he get buff again in just two weeks? How do they have a never ending supply of alcohol? How do they plan to wrap all this up?
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