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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue #3 Reviewed

New Rules, part three
Xander and Dawn get Dracula to help the gang with the new vampires. Dracula is camp, Andrew bores and nobody feels any obligation to stake Dracula which is a shame as he betrays them. Buffy is an idiot, Spike bores and there are plot contradictions about magic. Xander and Dawn discuss their participation in sexual roleplay in public. Willow flies, Giles acts as an approximation of a 12 year old boy instead of someone who died and came back. Dracula does bad things (duh) and has a concordat with Xander. Dawn’s unease with Xander leads to trouble. Co-written by Nicolas Brendon, season 10 is finally interesting amidst the cacophony of Buffyspeak.

Best Lines:
“Stoker and his damnable book. Manservant, remind me to urinate on his grave.”

“Have your child bride pack my trunk.”

“He doesn’t control the lightening, he just senses it coming. He’s not Thor.”

“The neighbor who practices his Olivia Newton-John drag show all day.”

“I guess when you don’t have to black out the windows you have more pride of ownership.”

“Rob that hooker. You need money.”
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