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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Maleficant’ TV spot

‘True Blood’ season 7 trailer
A reckoning is coming, Bill sulks, Jessica whines and Sookie is blamed for it all. Well she should be. A mass grave in Bon Temps? This looks interesting.

Best Lines:
“We can’t go back to the way things were.”

“People blame me for what’s happened to this town.”

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ trailer #2
Peter Quill (Chris Pratt of ‘Everwood’) is the Star Lord. Spirit in the Sky plays over this trailer as a group of loons unite to save 12 billion people from evil. Rocket speaks, Glen Close lurks and Groot sprouts. This looks odd and 80s.

Best Line:
“This might not be the best idea.”

‘Petals on the Wind’ trailer
Cathy faces the grandmother. Bart looms.

Best Line:
“I am not my mother!”

‘Petals on the Wind’ trailer #2
A 60s feel and TPTB will film ‘If There Be Thorns’ and ‘Seeds of Yesterday’. I don’t care about those two. Looks good.

Devon style toffee yogurt = lovely.
Whiskey & coca cola = peerless.
Whiskey & Fanta = hee!
Lemon Curd ice cream = too sweet
Pesto on toast = divine.
Dark chocolate butter biscuits = yum.
Black truffle brie = yum.

LJ are messing around again with settings. Again.

The new Danity Kane song sucks.

There are to be two new ‘Flowers in the Attic’ novels?

My review of ‘The Americans’ 1x10 ‘Yousaf’ has been delayed.

I am reading ‘Authority’.

‘Coronation Street’ Quote:
“He’s a weak, lying fraud.”

‘Endeavour’ Quotes:
“Spanish practices.”

“French letter, unused.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I recently had to drop out of GED school because I had to go to juvenile detention.”

“I was high on oxys when it happened.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“I die! But come back to life after the credits!”

“Date night! I’ll go change my bra.”

“Bye bye money.”

“That’s negative man.”

“I like that James Bond is ugly now.”
“I like that he doesn’t have any gadgets.”
“I like that’s he’s not good at shooting, doesn’t say funny quips or do any James Bond stuff.”

“A country that’s really just an off shore oil platform.”

“I was stealing with my eyes.”

“I wanted to catch serial killers.”

“Steady stream of animated misfires.”

“Set your guns on kill.”

“My childhood has been un-ruined.”

“Is there a fondler in the neighbourhood?”

“I’m here to arrest and hopefully stage the prison suicide of the mastermind of this operation.”

“All eggnog is terrible.”

“I’m down to a kiosk.”

“JLO use it.”

“It’s not mistletoe, just cherries and lettuce.”

“My uncle died in your bed.”

‘Futurama’ Quotes:
“I’m a celebrity! I can kill anyone I want.”

“It’s going totally Kanye!”

‘Father Ted’ Quote:
“I’m putting you on my list of enemies.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Finn gets Ste fired for being on the sniff and this destroys Ste’s friendship with Tony. Finn ho-hoes over his over-worn, rancorous mockery. Joe twigs that Sinead is lying about having HIV and he and Sandy commit the dubious act of looking up her medical records to prove it. It is sick how everyone sees Lindsey as a bastion of frailty to be protected and Sinead as dog muck to be lambasted. Joe publicly spews out Sinead’s HIV lies, she‘s 19 leave her alone! The fetid Lindsey eye rolls at Sinead’s pain. The disconcertingly self-absorbed venal cow Lindsey deserves to be taken down by Sinead. Freddie is delusional. Trevor eats pink wafer biscuits. Sandy’s repulsion and records stealing will probably get her fired. Patrick and Maxine return from Naples and the unhinged, oppressive nutter is bullying Maxine again within minutes. John-Paul finds evidence Ste did kill Fraser. TPTB have forgotten Esther after the big bullying plotline.
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