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Elementary 2x23 + Revenge 3x22 Reviewed

Art In The Blood
Why does this show look so muted and soupy? Bell and Gregson have had nothing to do for ages. Holmes is an egoist who can’t see that Mycroft is MI6. Holmes is scabrous, useless, decorative beefcake and the word no is not to be uttered in his presence. He can’t see Mycroft as anything more than a naive rube. Holmes and his moral decadence and monotonic libertarianism is alienating. Mycroft’s handler Sherrington wanders around. Holmes doesn’t really care about Watson except as how she relates to him. He is all disapproving scowls and has monetised shame. This ep was all blasé brusque inaction and Windows product placement.

Watson poses being poised and frigid. UV sensitive ink tattoos are a thing; Watson is misconceived and overlooks the fact that the kidnapping was her own damn fault. She utters a lofty, litany of tremendous crap at Mycroft without uttering a word of thanks. Holmes makes it all about him when Watson tells him she going to move out to have a life of her own. Holmes sulks, a dead man’s ex wife (Emily Bergl of ‘Carrie 2: The Rage’) lurks as does some guy (Jim Norton of ‘Father Ted’). Mycroft’s apartment is numbered 21B and he wears skinny jeans. Watson learns of how Holmes screwed up in his junkie days and Mycroft saved his thankless ass. Holmes has no consideration for anyone. Mycroft and Watson get it on. This ep was bafflingly annoying and strenuously dull. The plot was contrived and Holmes grandstands.

Best Lines:

“I’ve got a nose for traitors.”

“His cover as a clueless idiot.”

“And accomplish what?”

Season 3 ends on a number of idiot cliff-hangers. Aiden is murdered by Victoria so Emily has her locked up in the bug hutch so no-one will listen to her Cassandra truths that Emily is Amanda. We are apparently meant to care about dead Aiden the ostentatious plot device. Charlotte has Jack arrested for her kidnapping, she still can’t act. Why is she exempt from being killed off? Daniel hangs out in the heathen company of Margaux’s brother Gideon. Conrad’s ‘trial’ is inexplicably fast, then he escapes from jail and is murdered by David Clarke. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that season 4 will reveal that the not dead David is the murdering thug he was painted as.

Emily and her gang of fools celebrate David Clarke’s conviction being overturned but was it all for nothing? Victoria sets out deterrents and provocations. Daniel’s palaver is clumsy and empty. Javier lurks having interactions. Nolan has plans for Myclone, has Nolan been bad all along? Another annoying cop who can’t act shows up to be vitriolic. This entire thing could have been unpermitted if David had let his daughter know he was alive. Her commerative revenge was no profound consolation and was unnecessary. David’s return is preposterous.

Victoria’s venal perversity gets her locked up, for now. Dr Banks returns because of Emily’s convoluted demands. Nolan and Gideon plot in potent and non-compellingly punitive fashion. Dormousy Charlotte bores. Conrad keeps up his unabashedly avuncular act even in the interregnum of jail. This episode was ineffective and limiting due to boring infighting and factionalism. Since when did Nolan like Aiden? Since when did they have rapport? Jack the trenchant ass is off to jail due to the notoriously stupid Charlotte. Daniel ends up in bed with a dead whore and doesn’t notice, he is a distasteful nabob. Victoria knows Emily is Amanda Clarke and gets a shovel to the face. Season 4 will be more of the same won’t it? Sigh.

Best Lines:
“You deserve far worse.”

“I’ve just found it, in the toilet.”

“The man that you remember as your father and the man I knew, were very different.”

“I’m fine, he’s not.”

“I despise her almost as much as I despise you.”

“You’re safe now.”
“Am I?”

“You won’t get away with this.”
“Watch me.”
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