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Angel & Faith Season 10 Issues #1 & #2 Reviewed

Where The River Meets The Sea, part one
Angel ameliorates the fallout from his actions, again. Part of London is now Magic Town. Metal bins just sit around to be used in fights and Angel talks about London having blocks. Have TPTB ever set foot in London?!? Faith is in America working for Kennedy at Deepscan. Giles’ great aunts yap distractedly. Since when does Giles have so much magic? Giles and Buffy fawn over each other. They abstain from greeting or thanking Faith. Giles is so joyous over Buffy, he doesn’t notice the woefully cavalier way he treats Faith. This was crap, probably because the ‘Angel & Faith’ season 9 creative team have been moved to the Buffy comic. I derived no enjoyment from this and the art was ugly.

Where The River Meets The Sea, part two
Giles can’t even say goodbye to Faith, he is too busy fixating on Buffy. Angel is reunited with the transformed Nadira. Angel wanders off to have an internal monologue and hunt pixies. Faith has her first job for Deepscan. Angel meets a cop named Brandt. I’m disillusioned; this is stagnant with no resonance and ugly art. There is no complex plot just crude ham fisted boredom.

Best Lines:
“We’re all standing in a river. Everything flows on.”

“They ate Mrs. Miggins in 2B.”

“Attracting disciples to her cult of crazy.”
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