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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Postman Pat: The Movie’ TV spot
Sober-minded people came up with this?!?

‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 promo
I hope this is better than season 3 and all its failings.

Best Lines:
“Everything we’ve been working so hard to keep out, it’s found its way in.”


‘X: Men: Days of Future Past’ TV spot
The Sentinels do not look frightening.

‘Victim’ trailer

‘The Man Inside’ trailer

‘The Leftovers’ promo

Revenge’ 3x22 promo
Not caring.

Best Line:
“You are Amanda Clarke!”

‘22 Jump Street’ TV spot
They’re off to college! Wasn’t one film’s ruination of the classic TV show sufficient?

‘Laura Hall: My Battle With Booze’ Quotes:
“She’s been barred from every pub, club and bar in the town.”

“She’d previously climbed a church steeple and jumped off a multi-storey car park.”

“Bye England! Bye drinking ban!”

‘House of Bathory’ Quote:
“The town idiot threw stones at her.”

Peppermint Lifesavers = yum.
Wedge Salad = divine.
Tarragon vinegar = okay.
I really want to try Tres Leche cake.
Sour Apple Candies = OMG.
Chocolate covered Vanilla fudge = yay.
Butterscotch fudge = mfff.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil = yum.
Raspberry & Cranberry yogurt = yum.
Drinking chocolate with whiskey = relaxing.

I am reading ‘House of Bathory’.

So they found the Santa Maria at the bottom of the sea?

No go on ‘Supernatural: Bloodlines’. Ha ha ha ha ha!

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Jason and Robbie’s dad goes out for beer and doesn’t come back. Holly boffs Dodger, no concept of restraint has she? Blessing is transgender. Sienna is psycho-looney. John-Paul gets out of jail and Finn and Sandy are salivating at the prospect of causing trouble for him. Darren is an ass. John--Paul’s prison daddy is revealed as Trevor. Oh and Sinead is brunette.
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