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Movie Review: Watchmen

Watchmen (2009)

In an alternate 1985, a retired 'hero named The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan of 'Grey's Anatomy, 'Supernatural' and 'The Burning Zone') is murdered. Whodunit and why? His former colleague, the sociopath Rorschach decides to find out. Along the way he gets his other former colleagues Silk Spectre II, Nite Owl II, Dr Manhattan and Ozymandias involved. As the convoluted tale unravels flashbacks to the 1940's and Vietnam reveal more of The Comedian's past and reveal him to be an amoral, insane psychopath who ultimately did find one line that he wasn't willing to cross.

This film is violent and has rather too much nudity, the endless showing of Dr Manhattan's big blue parts were a bit much. But Jeffrey Dean Morgan was great as The Comedian and the actor playing the scary nutjob Rorschach was good. However Silk Spectre II can not act, maybe she was cast because she looked good in the yellow latex superhero outfit. If there was a real superhero type in the film it was Nite Owl II. Patrick Wilson as Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl II was adorable and cuddly. As Dan he was a middle aged gone to seed type, yet in his costume he was a kickass hero overflowing with kindness, a moral centre and joy at his flying owl ship. Ozymandias was suitably smug, even his costume was smug. What was the point of the gold headband?

The opening sequence which told the story of superheroes and their alternate time line to the tune of Bob Dylan's 'The times, They are changin' was brilliant. A lot of the music in this film was good like Dr Manhattan ending the Vietnam war to the tune of the 'Ride of the Valkyries' and Dan and Laurie/Silk Spectre II having a date to the tune of '99 Red Balloons'. I also loved the number of celebrity/political look-alikes used in this film. There was David Bowie and the Village People hanging out with Ozymandias at Studio 54. Brezhnev and Castro in Moscow. Dr Manhattan meeting JFK, Jackie and their kids. Ozymandias being photographed by Annie Leibowitz.

There were some unanswered questions: The Watchmen don't seem to like each other that much. So why did they work together? Why did they consider themselves friends? Where did Silk Spectre II get her costume from when Nite Owl II decided to get back into the hero gig? What did the Comedian do to Woodward and Bernstein? The fight scenes were good and the big plan was just the sort of thing a sick mind would come up with. I liked this film.
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