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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘State of Affairs’ promo
The POTUS (Alfre Woodard) lost her aid worker son in an attack. CIA analyst Charleston (Katherine Heigl) was his fiancée and she has issues and wants vengeance. Was his death an assassination? This is from the makers of ‘The Blacklist’ and despite Heigl being in it, I’d give it a try.

Best Lines:
“Not a certainty.”

“I’m going to end every single one of their lives.”
“That’s my girl.”

“Who are you?”
“Someone hired to destroy you.”

RIP H.R. Giger

I am reading ‘The Screaming Book of Horror’.

Reviews of ‘3:59’, ‘The Creation of Anne Boleyn’, ‘Point of Divergence’, ‘Maplecroft’, ‘Warpaint’, ‘Not A Drop To Drink’ and ‘Reality Boy’ forthcoming.

Papaya and lime = okay.

Anyone else remember Aapri scrub?

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Danny is kicked out for being a hoer. Leela shouts candour everywhere. Jason meets his estranged father. Holly returns home. Leela reveals she is Peri’s mother.

‘Awkward’ Quotes:
“I loved writing about me and all my stupid problems. Maybe my side-braid was cutting off my circulation to my brain but I couldn’t stop doing dumb stuff I would regret later.”

“You’re grounded.”
“Which means what exactly? Because as far as I can see it, I’m about to leave.”

‘The Screaming Book of Horror’ Quotes:
“It suggests that you are stupider than I thought if you believe there’s something hiding around waiting to gobble people up and you still went for a walk on your own.”

“They think you know? Maybe not like us, but they think.”
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