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Elementary 2x22 + Revenge 3x21 Reviewed

Paint It Black
The fans panic because Holmes might relapse due to Joan exploring her sexuality with Mycroft. Oh let him. Watson followed someone into a dark alley, was abducted and is menaced. Holmes tantrums, has resentment and wishes Mycroft dead. Holmes is an endemic problem. He says disgusting words and is a nuisance. Holmes’ fabled powers of deduction miss the obvious fact that Mycroft is the smarter brother. Holmes is jealous, their father is sui generis or something, Watson is in a precarious state and I am deterred from caring. The NSA pop up, this show has no zing, Holmes needs tempering and Lucy Liu directs.

Mycroft is protective, but needs a wash. Holmes is an inconceivable, possessive, morally destitute, inadequate ass. Mycroft is all dry variability. Holmes hurls jibes and is deriding. A banker is menaced. This episode was awkward and exhaustively unvarnished. Holmes defiles a corpse. Holmes thinks he can get away with everything, wasn’t he supposed to have learnt otherwise in season 1? Mycroft tasers Holmes and saves Watson himself. Events are differing from what Holmes thinks. Mycroft has secrets and why didn’t the French gangsters just shoot them?

Best Lines:
“I told her what you were.”

“You will extricate yourself from my life.”

“My father is a Lovecratian horror.”

“Better for everyone if we don’t have to render you both unconscious.”

“A taste for unsavoury men.”

Emily spent six years in juvenile detention and is bitter. Emily, Aiden and Nolan have kidnapped Charlotte and are menacing her. Victoria is onto Emily. Javier lurks. There is upheaval for Conrad as he gets a ransom demand. Nolan doesn’t seem to have a job. There is internal consternation over the kidnapping. Daniel is a diligent tool. Nolan uses Myclone. Emily is being sanitised. Victoria hurts Carl so she can do a DNA test. Emily pulls a ‘Saw’ and teaches Charlotte about the downing of Flight 197 and the framing of David Clarke for treason. Charlotte blubbers and is useless. Victoria and Conrad are objectionable and incontestably defensive. Jack is a persuasive ass. An annoying cop who can’t act harasses Emily on Daniel’s orders.

Charlotte wails. Jack and his discretionary morality bore. Margaux is a poor sad bitch and compliant to Daniel. Charlotte confronts Conrad and he goes on a rampant rant during which he admits being in league with terrorists, killing Amanda and framing David. He finds time to smooth his hair before being arrested. Aiden has no discernible place on this show. Daniel and Conrad are unrepentant jerks. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“Put your contempt aside.”

“Where were you two heroes when I was 9 years old being dragged out of my house by men with guns, thrown into the foster care system?”

“I showed her love when I didn’t have to. And though she born of betrayal, I will not let her die that way.”

“Keep your stupid and thankless mouth shut!”

“I will erase you as I have so many others.”

“I won’t waste my energy throwing you out.”

“Mis-born wretch.”

“Goodbye Conrad, do rot in hell.”
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