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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue #2 Reviewed

New Rules, part two
I missed issue 1, oops. Andrew, Buffy, Xander, Willow, Spike, Dawn and the resurrected Giles fight the nouveau vampires. Billy the vampire slayer and his gang bore. Buffy is still a bimbo and magic is back in the world. The art is ugly, Giles throws tantrums and Buffy reacts to Giles’ return from the dead with dull surprise. Also she finally recalls that Dowling was attacked by zompires. Xander’s faux betrayal is shrugged off. Hatchet faced Buffy says Riley is the greatest guy who ever lived. Dowling and Buffy break-up. Anya haunts Xander and he still acts like an emotionally abusive creep to her. Dawn acts like she is 12. Dracula pops up and still nobody stakes him. No kudos for this and all the characters are selfish trash monsters.

Best Lines:
“We need to know who they are. And we need to stop them...while it remains possible to do so.”

“I unthank you.”

“Hello, peasant.”

“After making me renounce my immortality, ditching me at the altar and getting me killed.”

“Will we be attacked by undead hoochie mamas.”
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