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Martial Eagle
Philip and Elizabeth are distressed and pushed to their tolerance levels by their attack on the training camp. Being on team costs them and they take it out on each other and their children despite their unnaturally easy escape. Stan pays for rubbishing his wife Sandra and not treating her with respect as she goes off to explore a salacious emotional connection with another man after listening to Doctor Ruth. Stan is scuppered by this.  Paige is tired of her perverse and tiresomely eccentric parents. This was shamefully bad with no acclamation. People worship at the altar of stealth tech.

The Jennings attend Paige’s church which results in a rage and hatred tantrum from Philip. Gaad is discarded. Stan conveys snideness. Elizabeth is moribund. Events are at a bloody intersection. Paige is freaked out by her father’s aberrant yowling and tenacity. Elizabeth is slutshamed by her fake husband. Result: misery. Still the duo break out more seriously silly wigs and moustaches for a mission. Each side rants about the other’s malicious intent. Gaad is overbearing and deeply unhappy. Stan is dreary. The FBI is defensive and arrogant. Paige stews in sulky bitterness. Stan connects a few dots. Elizabeth carouses an AA meeting. The notoriously sensitive Martha is dazed by a cruel trick of Philip’s. She is under the yoke of self-loathing. Philip menaces the head of Paige’s church; somehow social services are not involved by the craftier churchman. This was tedious and all this fuss over opposing ethno-national aspirations.

Best Lines:
“I feel responsible, Sir.”
“You are responsible.”

“They’re better at it than we are.”

“You respect Jesus but not us?”

“Clean the refrigerator!”

“Nothing came easy for us, ever!”

“I thought it was a Charles Manson thing.”

“Life gets pretty boring when you stop drinking.”

“Is he in more trouble?”

So this has been renewed for a 3rd season. Mmm. This opens with a 12 week flash-forward that shows Hannibal and Jack beating the piss out of each other, Hannibal wins. In the present Jack makes ill-judged remarks and implicit endorsements of Will’s guilt. Hannibal has no shortage of ego and a righteous sense of entitlement. Will is now a bitter and intractable tough. Dr Chilton is vicious and unjust and sees Will as something to be smoothed over and ignored, he‘s recovered from the nadir of nearly being murdered in season 1. Alana is morally offended yet fickle, transient and unreliable. A federal examiner (Cynthia Nixon) pops to bury Will some more.

How will Will escape the malicious charges? Why have all his so called friends abandoned him? Hannibal may miss Will a little bit, after all Will is the closest thing he has to a friend. His shrink is spaced out, sad, inane, asinine and you chafe every time she shows up. Why did Hannibal subject Will to a relentless campaign of systematic harassment, abuse and intimidation? Will carries out a reappraisal of the oily Hannibal. He could start by asking how Hannibal affords his extravagant lifestyle.

Conversely, Hannibal wants to share his appalling barbarism with Will. The FBI barely investigate Hannibal and admit this. The FBI is nauseatingly stupid. Hannibal helps Jack investigate bodies that popped up out of a stream. This ep was tedious guff and bland though TPTB want you to see it as transcendent, edgier and full of iciness. The FBI couldn’t give a damn about Will. Alana cares for Will’s dogs but is irretrievable as a character as she thinks he is mentally ill. Will’s illness has been cured off-screen yet he can’t escape his infamy and detractors. A profane rube is murdering people in a horrible way. Hannibal is a self-obsessed and ruthlessly high-minded shark as he dwells on his profound connection with Will. Dr Chilton is folksy and grandiloquent. Will is forbidding and commanding but the problem is no-one is listening to him as he’s on the wrong side of the glass. Jack is unbearably tacitum and prissy. Will recalls some of the psychological bullying that tarnished his life. Things will get tumultuous we are promised which is good as this isn’t remotely as clever or interesting as it thinks.

Best Lines:
“My bloodhound went mad.”

“I never feel guilty about eating anything.”

“This is going to get ugly.”
“It already is.”

“Probably dead beavers.”

“I am intrigued.”

“Will is my friend.”

“Rotting from the inside out.”

“Putting me in a position to lie for you, again.”

“One can grow to love beets.”

“You are dining with a psychopathic murderer.”

“Memories are all I have.”

“I can’t hear this anymore.”

Stabbed With A White Wench’s Black Eye
This ep was trite and I’m not reviewing this show anymore after this. The trags are tendentious and have no moral legitimacy as they admit their plan all along was for invasion. Then they get disgruntled that their invasion makes humans disgruntled. A sleazy reporter wants a story from Emery. Roman is acrimonious. Emery is not assertive. This ep is not engrossing and is full of inaction. Drake’s plan is destabilising to Grayson (the cute Grey Damon of 'The Secret Circle'). A charity ball is held but brings no camaraderie. This show is depleted and the writing is the detriment. No-one acts convincingly, no-one wants to be inclusive and Drake’s cohorts are morons. Sense is stifled probably because this show is skewed to tweens who can’t even spell sci-fi. The plot is not concise and everything is bogus. Julia is disparaging and my quotient for teenagers with big mouths is done. Belatedly, I’m done and this show is cancelled.

Best Lines:
“Parents like mine.”

"He punches things like a lot."


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