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Lost Season 5 Ep 8 review


Locke fixes the time jumps (or does he?). Jin, Sawyer, Juliet and Miles get a glimpse of a huge statue before making one last jump to 1974, where they are now stranded. So Jin, Sawyer, Juliet and Miles and Daniel are now roomies with the Dharma Initiative. Sawyer manages to make them members by talking to Richard when he shows up accusing Dharma of breaking their truce. After three years with Dharma, Sawyer is security chief, Miles and Jin are his deputies, Juliet is a mechanic and Daniel is probably off being mental somewhere. Sawyer is shaken when Jin shows up with Jack, Hurley and Kate in tow, especially as Sawyer is now shacking up with Juliet.

This was good. They are stuck with Dharma and have to live every day, knowing what will happen to them. The fact that Dharma's response to the Hostiles is to consider breaking out the heavy artillery is a good indicator of why the Hostiles decided on the purge. The fact that Dharma and the Hostiles had an uneasy truce is a surprise. Horace knew Richard's name but apparently never wondered why this 'hostile native' wore nice clothes and had an American accent. Horace is married to Amy and has a son with her, making one wonder where Olivia is.

What is the statue of? How far back in the past where they when they saw it? How did it break? Where are the rest of the lostaways? How many of the Dharma people besides Ben joined up with the Hostiles? Juliet did say the Others wiped out most of Dharma. Seeing as Amy safely had her baby, what happened to cause the later fertility problems? Why do the Hostiles want Paul's body? Horace learns his wife kept her dead first husband's necklace and his response is to get blind drunk and toss dynamite into the jungle. Over reaction much? Why did Dharma never wonder who the Hostiles were? They refer to them as hostiles/natives/indigenous people yet never wonder where they're from or why they are so hostile. Horace and Richard know each other. When Richard shows up in the Barracks sparking panic, Horace doesn't seem to wonder how he got there.

The mystery that is the eerie Richard continues to grow. How did he get through the sonic fence? Why isn't he in his raggedy get-up? He was wearing the raggedy get-up when he first met Ben. Widmore claimed that he led the Others and protected the island for three decades, but this ep shows that in 1974, Widmore was no more the leader of the Others than he was in the 50s. Richard refers to the Hostiles as "My people" and seems to have been the one who negotiated the truce with Horace. What is Richard's agenda? There is his menacing of Horace, picking Ben as leader and sticking with him until Locke showed up, making ongoing trips to the mainland, switching between his clean cut outfits and his raggedy jungle outfits and Ben did say he wasn't the leader of the Hostiles at the purge. When was the purge decision made? When and why was Widmore exiled? When did Ben become leader? When and where was Penny born? When Richard met young Ben and Ben asked to join the Hostiles, Richard said he could join them but not yet. He told Ben to be very, very patient. Patient for what? Was the purge already being planned then? Richard always seems calm, yet he and Ben are both fully capable of sociopathic levels of deception and violence.

Best Lines:
"It's Horace, he's got dynamite and he's blowing up trees."

"That fence may keep other things out but not us. The only thing that does keep us out Horace, is our truce. Which you have now broken."

"There are hostile indigenous people on this island and we don't get along with them."
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