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Book Reviews: The Supernaturals + The New Lovecraft Circle + Knights of the Morning Star + The Wall

The Supernaturals by David L. Golemon
A self-published novel from the author of the ‘Event Group’ novels. I should have known better than to read this and I have resentment that I did. A group of ecstatically obnoxious hardened TV people plan to shoot a paranormal Halloween special in a demi-monde haunted house. This only inflames the haunting as indivisible characters are menaced. A set of shrill ghost busters set out to fight the house as the police and media sit around watching.

This was unscary, badly written, unedited and full of typos. It is unsubtle and the ghost’s roam around like bedbugs and you do a disservice to your IQ by reading this. In the ‘climax’ the morons participate in the live TV show and the book sinks to new lows of obviousness and offensiveness. A sequel is set up with no recrimination for the character’s stupidity.

Best Lines:
“Sir, there’s a couple of gangster-looking men out here in a van.”

“It was what walked there that came from hell itself.”

The New Lovecraft Circle edited by Robert M Price
This 1996 anthology is a collection of somewhat obscure mythos tales inspired by the highly influential Lovecraft. There are also two petulant introductions.

The Plain Of Sound
Three chaps go on a futile pub crawl, then run across an abandoned house and find antiquated machinery and notes which hint at contact with another world. In an example of nauseating egocentrism they fiddle around with it. Okay with only veiled suggestions of what’s going on.

The Stone On The Island
A civil servant has a secret interest in the other. After a reckless trip to an island, unsettling events increase in intensity as reprisals for his erroneous trespass. Menace which grows in encroachments. Okay.

The Statement Of One John Gibson
A sequel to some other story I’ve never read sees a man find something odd in his father’s bureau. It leads to the divulging of secrets. Okay.

Best Lines:
“They work mischief.”

“Was he simply madder than you?”

“Cannot bear the outside world- because you know what you brought into it!”

Two friends listen to an LP and titillate themselves by facilitating a summoning ritual. Okay but immersed in 1970s appellations.

The Kiss Of Bugg-Shash
The sequel to ‘Demoniacal’ sees the two idiots ask an occult expert for help in ridding themselves of the spurting threnodie they called up. While not a benchmark in weird fic, it is okay.

Best Line:
“What they had released from its nether habitation.”

The Slitherer From The Slime
A voluminous Lovecraft parody with purple prose and mythos vernacular. This was amusing and seemingly not written by people of sober habits.

The Doom Of Yakthoob
A short tale of Abdul Alhazred. Dull.

The Fishers From Outside
Explorers in Zimbabwe explore ancient ruins and mediate on old legends. This was okish but beleaguered by the fact that there is nothing new here.

Best Line:
“Some monstrous horror-god.”

The Keeper Of The Flame
Something strange happened at a temple as a worshipper made a demand without precedent. Pithy.

Dead Giveaway
The local crazy old woman lives in a town near Innsmouth and it is Halloween. The edifice of rationality has fallen away for her and many others in town and the inevitable doom is coming. Good.

Best Line:
“They all postponed looking outside for as long as possible.”

Those Who Wait
A gullible college student falls in with cultists. Okay.

Best Line:
“That dark things could be called from the hills or sky, if one was willing to pay the price.”

The Keeper Of Dark Point
A ‘lighthouse’ and an extraordinary family legacy. Okay.

The Black Mirror
A man learns of a mirror capable of transposing something. He goes looking for it. Nothing special.

I’ve Come To Talk With You Again
Reprinted in ‘Lovecraft’s Monsters’ this is a lame ‘King in Yellow’ tale that is seeped in mediocrity.

The Howler In The Dark
Duncaster Abbey has secrets. Nobody has an impartiality or pragmatism. Okay.

Best Line:
“At which time his enemies all died off rather suddenly.”

The Horror On The Beach
70s yuppies encounter cultists. Erratic and non-emotive, but okay.

The Whisperers
High school students go to interview a band. Bad idea. Okay but why do characters have no reticence?

Lights! Camera! Shub-Niggurath!
In the ‘future’ where a portable word processor is a big deal a film is made of ‘The Dunwich Horror’. This parody was exacting and unfurls at too leisurely a pace.

Best Line:
“Wilbur went around in a baggy overcoat, summer and winter, like a flasher.”

Saucers From Yaddith
Drug induced visions of the other led to horror. This was decisively derivative with adroitly applied anguish.

A barrage of uneasiness and sour juices written in a frustrating ramble that is ludicrously braying.

The Madness Out Of Space
A capricious snob tells of how his holy fool college friend was stricken with dangerous notions. Good.

Best Lines:
“I had no desire to shake the paw of this unkempt vagabond.”

“He reminded me of the slovenly rustic one tried to avoid noticing loafing around.”

Aliah Warden
Dagon and Deep Ones in a remote English town. Okay.

Best Lines:
“Tis the most desolate hole.”

“Mermaids! Hah! If only they knew.”

“The thing that he called his wife.”

The Last Supper
An okay tale of ghouls.

The Church At Garlock’s End
A man revisits his abandoned home town and encounters horror. Excellent.

The Spheres Beyond Sound
Music doth summon the savage beast. This is a problem if you don’t know how to send it back. Robust.

Quantum Leap: Knights of the Morning Star by Melanie Rawn
This 1994 novel sees the abrasive Sam leap into a Renaissance Faire. Sam is a near-pathologically bad friend to Al. Sam has to save the day by being manly. The evil leaper Alia shows up to lack moral courage and be indefensible. There are dated jokes about the miscasting of ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ and ‘Interview with the Vampire’ as well as lots of blather and sword fighting. This was paltry.

Best Lines:
“The man had no shame. And no taste either.”

“It’s a sword, not a toilet plunger.”

Quantum Leap: The Wall by Ashley McConnell
This 1993 novel sees Sam leap into six year old Missy in Berlin 1961. Missy’s mother is an abusive, pill popping drunk. Sam has to assess how to stop the smouldering tension in the family. The moral message is clear in this boring rant.

Best Line:
“Snippy to a colonel’s wife! Defying direct orders!”
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