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Arrow 2x21 + Crisis 1x04 + Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 1x19 + The Blacklist 1x21 Reviewed

City Of Blood
Moira is buried, Blood is now mayor and Oliver skips the funeral. Moira is idealised. Walter shows up. Someone needs to have a serious discussion with Oliver and Felicity about their self-centred behaviour. Isabel shows up and she is orange. Thea despises Oliver and then she doesn’t. Laurel’s negative impression of Blood returns. Felicity is strident. The Queens somehow still own stately Queen Manor. Isabel evicts Thea from Verdant, the club was Tommy’s. Has everyone forgotten that?

Amanda looms, Felicity is undeserving of public respect, Oliver has another lair and has detachment and is portentous. Laurel does a sting on Blood. Thea wants to leave. Laurel makes an unexpected appearance. Shame Oliver didn’t try so hard to save Tommy and it is a shame Oliver never had Tommy in the Arrowcave. Laurel and Oliver make the plight of the city all about them. Laurel goes on a polemical rant. Oliver puts on his appalled face. Everyone bigs up and reveres Oliver.

Team Arrow head off to menace Blood. Lord I hate Felicity. Blood has only a cursory grasp on reality but he is unmoved by Oliver’s tantrums. This was neither intense nor gritty. Oliver has walked off his leg injury. Oliver is a protectionist ass. The Blood cult rise. Team Arrow plans murder, because that has worked out so well for them in the past. Isabel shows up in a slutty Blood cult outfit to kill Diggle. This ep just ends mid-scene. Are TPTB trying to obliterate interest in this show? Oliver’s duplicity and spats make him a distant degenerate and it is hard to care about him. Flashbacks to craphole island show Sara, Oliver and the husky Russkie aboard a WW2 sub. Oliver has no contrition for giving Slade the psychopath drug. He’s more concerned with the sub’s manually operated torpedoes.

Best Lines:
“There was a psychopath in our lives.”

“Not one of your better ideas.”

“He wins.”

“Tommy knew, didn’t he?”

“They’re not men. Not anymore.”

“I can’t.”
“That is not an option.”

We Were Supposed To Help Each Other
Why are there only two agents on the kidnapping case? Meg is mercurial with a demeanour of pure marble. The kidnap victims are walking shirtless scenes. The kidnappers are suddenly shouting and nothing on this show is anchored in reality. Mr Gibson is greasy and his foresight notebook annoys. There is flat effect acting all round and Suzy is a contradiction as she is unconcerned and unjustly fuming. Meg commandeers the FBI with fake dictum. This episode was a lousy irritating debacle with too many unanswered questions. The parents’ rationale is to do anything under duress. Meg is smug and has no integrity. Mr Nash and Amber are impeccably stupid. A hostage nearly dies. Mr Gibson acts like losing his fingers never occurred. Three parents raid the CIA. But the CIA is waiting with deterrents aka really big guns. A mysterious video is important and Meg has secrets, it seems she is relevant and pivotal to what’s going on.

Best Lines:
“He’s whiffed.”

“Stop talking now.”

“Stop and detain.”

“This is the kind of investigation that ruins careers and gets people dead.”

The Only Light In The Darkness
Ward claims he killed Garrett and takes his shirt off. Coulson is enamoured with the sound of his own voice. The gang go though a lie detector. May was married, Trip is the grandson of a Howling Commando and Skye’s real name is Mary-Sue Poots. This episode was ridiculous. Grant talks about his crazy abusive family and suddenly acts stupid. Coulson heads off to stop a guy messing around with Darkforce who is menacing Coulson’s cellist girlfriend (Amy Acker, of course it is bloody Amy Acker). Coulson is an exalted ass. Ward is just evil. This ep was unappreciated and aversely predicable. The gang are all liars. May runs off to her mommy (Tsai Chin - who was in the Christopher Lee ‘Fu Manchu’ movies). Skye overacts. This was just ugh.

Best Lines:
We’re safe here. But what about everyone else?”

“Edible. Not.”

“Like you mean it. Are you Hydra?”

“The big scary water boarding bear.”

“I said too late.”

“That bad?”

Berlin (no 8)
Liz snitches on Tom to the FBI. Tom lurks. Gina escaped from jail but no-one mentioned it until now. Berlin is a person and he is coming. There is muttering about a bio-weapon. Red is a smug prick. The Cullen Virus scares people. Dr Sanders (John Glover of ’Smallville’) yells and screams a lot. Liz finally notices that the blacklist cases are connected. Red is nasty. This was hackneyed and stilted. A jailbreak of a con air plane is attempted. Red orates. There is crap CGI, a plane crash and this was inherently bad.

Best Lines:
“It’s too deadly to study?”

“Lizzy, what have you done?”

“They voided your agreement.”
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