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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Agents of SHIELD’ 1x22 promo
Shut up May and Skye. Ward is evil. Team Ward. Nick Fury shows up. Sigh. John Garrett is there too. Sigh.

‘Mr Sloane’ promo
Will Nick Frost just go away?

‘24: Live Another Day’ Quotes:
“Missiles don’t arm themselves.”

“Who? No-one would listen.”

“We’re gonna sit it all out in Greenland.”

‘Intelligence’ Quote:
“We’re on problem.”

‘The Circle’ Quote:
“All that happens must be known.”

The cast of ‘Wolf Hall’ sound interesting.

I am reading ‘The Circle'.

‘Revenge’ has been renewed, not sure how I feel about that. 'Agents of SHIELD' and 'The 100' renewed, that suprised me. 'Revolution', 'The Tomorrow People', 'Intelligence' and 'Dracula' cancelled, not suprised.

The 'Star Trek: Seekers' cover are cutely retro.

Why is there corn syrup in Lifesaver mints?
Honey Mustard and Onion pretzel pieces = okay.
I adore tangy apple juice.

Reviews of ‘Dragon Princess’, ‘Murder Most Unladylike’, ‘Banishing The Dark’ and ‘Authority’ coming soon.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Ste is on the sniff and may have killed Fraser. Ziggy takes his shirt off. Sam confronts Danny over his man-whore ways. Sienna meddles. Sam is done with Danny and his insatiable affairs. Danny reacts to his detractors by hooking up with George. Eeew. Poor George.
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