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Book Reviews: Children of Magic + Army of the Fantastic

Children of Magic edited by Martin H Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes
This 2006 anthology is average.

Touching Faith
A slow boy has a gift. Okay.

After School Special
Two obnoxious heiresses have magical gifts. This was meant to be funny.

Da Vinci made a deal for fame. Creepy.

The Winter of Discontent
A family are cursed by their gift of magic. Good.

Fever Waking
There is a price for magic. Okay.

Far From The Tree
A girl tries to help a friend. Subsequently it goes wrong. Good.

The Weight of Wishes
A young coupe lives in fear of their child’s magic. Okay.

The Trade
A prequel to a story from the ‘Villains Victorious’ anthology. A young boy in Renaissance Italy learns the art of necromancy. Very good.

A sacrifice escapes. Okay.

Army of the Fantastic edited by John Marco and John Helfers
This 2007 anthology centres on magical battles.

In WW2, the Luftwaffe uses dragons. Good.

Brothers In Arms
Golems can’t stop fighting. Dark.

A magic war drags on until one side invents something. Good.

Blood In The Water
A country is threatened with being starved into surrender when their enemies black the shipping routes. But the besieged country fights back in unorthodox fashion. Excellent.

The Twain Shall Meet
Scientists punch a hole through to an alternate dimension planning strip mining and toxic dumps. But the inhabitants fight back against the intrusion. Good.

Dispatches From The Front
A weary war reporter covers an endless magical war. Holed up in a snow bound shack with broken desperate troops she becomes determined to do her part. Bleak and excellent.
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