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Movie Review: V For Vendetta (2006)

A significant ferocious and dark look at a future fascist Britain. Based on a classic graphic novel. It goes like this:

Evey: Where did you get all those knives? Are you a crazy person?
V: You are looking at me right?

High Chancellor Sutler: Find this V or I’ll vanish you like I did the London Eye. Note the casting gag in who is playing me.
Random Minion: Don’t look at me; I’m just here to fill up a spare chair.
Chief Inspector Finch: I’ll do your biding for despite my obvious misgivings with you and your policies I have risen high and go along with the consensus.

V: Rise up with me citizens in one year! Do as I say despite the fact I am deeply insane!

Evey: I am oddly aroused by the sight of you in your fetish vigilante outfit wearing a flowery apron and cooking me breakfast.
V: Monstrous things were done to me which I won’t mention at this point in the narrative.

Lewis Prothero: I am a fat evil pill popping bastard who spews propaganda on TV.
V: I will leave you dead in a pool of chunky vomit for your sins.
Lewis Prothero: Despite being a former military man, I will just lie here and die.

Finch: V! Larkhill detention centre! Prothero oversaw Larkhill! Perv Bishop murdered too! Tax records! Hunger strike! Riots!
Dominic: I love you and your sad face.
Creedy: Find and arrest V Mr Finch or I’ll get you. By the way your mother was Irish, na na na na!
Finch: I am angry. Also I never comb my hair.

Dr Surridge: V I am sorry for the torture and the medical experiments and the false imprisonment that drove you mad.
V: I kill you anyway.

Gordon: I’m a TV star! I mocked Sutler on TV. Nothing will happen to me because I’m famous.
Creedy: You’re dead fatboy.
Evey: Help!

Interrogator: Give up V or die behind the chemical sheds.
Evey: No.
Interrogator: Off you go then. BTW I’m V. I’ve been torturing and tormenting you for ages to brainwash you into becoming my successor.
Evey: You devious ornery monster! You cut my hair off!

V: Hello Mr Finch here is the back-story. Creedy and Sutler created a plague to carry out a false flag biological attack. Then came up with the cure at an auspicious moment. They now rule through fear and fascism.

Creedy: Sure V, I’ll make a deal with you to kill Sutler.

Finch: The fascists will do something stupid. People will rise up and later on Evey will be mine.
Dominic: I just wander out of the narrative here.

V: People are marching around in my Guy Fawkes mask. I’m off to blow stuff up.
Evey: I love you!

Creedy: Here’s Sutler who I’ve just shot in the head. Now V, you’re dead!
V: Here is where I kill you and your men in slow motion with my knife-fu as buckets of blood fly. Ideas are bullet-proof yo!
Evey: V, you’re bleeding.
V: I’ve just been shot several hundred times by Creedy’s minions, I hadn’t noticed.
Evey: V? You’re dead? No!!!!!!
Finch: I’m arresting you.
Evey: No you ain’t copper! I’m blowing stuff up! For hope like! Then after maybe I’ll do really filthy perverted sex filth to you.
Finch: Okay then.
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