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‘The Two Faces of January’ TV spot

‘Critical’ promo
This 2015 Sky1 drama looks um.

So ‘Gotham’ is a go?

I know of a nice Italian artisan bakery.

I like Cashel Blue cheese on Turnover bread. Yum.

There is a new Mediaeval Baebes cd. Mmmm.

I am reading ‘The Supernaturals’.

I have given up on ‘Prey’.

‘24: Live Another Day’ Quotes:
“Jack Bauer is a traitor and a psychopath.”

“You more than anyone know what they’re going to do to you down there.”

“Where in god’s name have you been?”
“Locked in a CIA blacksite.”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“A dangerous mix of booze and boys.”

“My stepdad being distant and inconvenienced.”

“A decade of bad decisions.”

“Let herself have a baby.”

“Where did you go so wrong?”

“You didn’t care for the last 10 years.”

“I don’t choose for you to know.”

‘The Supernaturals’ Quotes:
“I have been there, and I will never go back after my two minute stay.”

“That house in the mountains wants to be left alone.”

“Deer and other animals lying dead along a roadway that no one uses.”

“Their parents wouldn’t even tell me where they currently live.”

“Lindemann had vomited on a ten thousand dollar Persian rug runner, but freaked out over the chance of getting a cup ring on his table.”

“Something that, once in his head, may not want to leave.”

“In a near comatose state. I say near because every few hours he awakens and screams for a solid thirty minutes.”

“How in the hell would a draft close doors that were already locked and bolted?”

‘Meet The Amish’ Quote:
“Here there are no barns.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Lindsay gets away with her negligence. Diane and Freddie are on Lindsay’s side. This is indicative of the crap this show pulls. Sienna befriends Leela. Peri shows off internalised misogyny. The bailiffs harass Nana McQueen. Sonny is mischievous. Sinead cries and vows emphatic lingering vengeance on Lindsay. Grace misses Trevor and menaces set. Sinead claims to have HIV and learns Lindsay has Katy’s music box.
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